Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Locals dislike proposed City Island bridge

Barbara Dolensek, the vice president of the City Island Historical Society, didn’t get the chance to wave her sign at the centennial celebration of the Pelham Bay Bridge nearly three weeks ago.

But no matter; it wasn’t celebration that was on her mind. Ms. Dolensek wanted to protest the city’s plans for an entirely different bridge, one a few miles away that was built in 1901 to connect City Island and the Bronx mainland.

While the rains foiled her plans, she and other residents will continue to oppose the city’s design for the span that will replace the decaying 950-foot-long City Island Bridge. The Department of Transportation has chosen a design featuring cables and a 150-foot tower, one that residents believe is ill-suited to their small nautical community, where buildings can be no higher than about three stories.

“People call it the Nantucket of New York City,” said Barbara Hoffman, the president of the City Island Garden Club. “Here they’re going to put this monstrosity up.”

In the ‘Nantucket of New York,’ a Bridge to Agitation


Trilby said...

That's a cool-looking bridge. Locals don't know a cool bridge when they see one, apparently.

Kevin Walsh said...

Gotta disagree with Dolensky. Cable stay bridges are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dolensky, if you don't want this bridge, give it to Cross Bay.