Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Kew Gardens concrete caper

Construction workers in Queens had to run for cover as part of the building they were working on collapsed Wednesday.

Investigators say workers were pouring concrete on the second floor of the eight-story building on Curzon Road in Kew Gardens Wednesday.

The wet cement caused a huge chunk of the second floor to crash into the first floor.

Construction Site Collapses, None Injured


Jason in Kew Gardens said...

This is no surprise.

Every day you can see three or four cement trucks lined up on the tiny 2.5 block long Curzon Road, making a mess of traffic. This site sits about 20 or 30 feet below the foundation of a large apartment complex, which is directly adjacent to the construction. When work started here, there was no shoring done which was enormously dangerous. A five year old would have known this. After several complaints were made to the DOB from residents that their building's foundation was cracking, something was finally put in place.

Why a building of this size is allowed on a lot which used to hold three single-family homes is beyond me. This street is so narrow, it can be jumped across. There is no parking, and Curzon Road, along with 116th and 118th streets are often made impassable by gas, UPS, or garbage trucks. This area is already strangled by large apartment buildings with very little green space around them.

This site can be seen in a previous Queens Crap entry. It is the where the small house used to sit in the modern photo.

Anonymous said...

i worked ther the job is very unsafe non union i allmost lost my life when the deck caved in