Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Husband of slain actress sues building owner

The husband of slain "Waitress" star Adrienne Shelly is suing the owner of building where the actress was strangled by an illegal immigrant.

Andrew Ostroy has sued the owner of the Abingdon Square building for letting contractors illegally hire illegal immigrants, including the one who killed his wife.

Shelly died in November 2006 at the hands of Ecuadoran construction worker Diego Pillco, who is serving 25 years in prison for manslaughter. He will be deported when he completes his sentence.

"Defendants knew and should have known that Pillco and other construction workers were undocumented immigrants and were not authorized to work in the United States [and] the state of New York," the suit says.

Husband of 'Waitress' star Adrienne Shelly is suing owner of building where she was killed


Jeff with one 'f' said...

He should sue the city for the "sanctuary" policies that encouraged the murderer to come her and stay here.

Trilby said...

Hm... I have a law degree and while I sympathize with the guy, I don't think "letting a contractor hire illegal aliens" is a cause of action.

Anonymous said...

Why not? If someone is breaking the law, and are here illegally, then they are an outlaw.

You break one law, breaking another could be easy, too.

georgetheatheist said...

It's too bad Adrienne didn't have a pistol on the premises.

Are you reading this Italian "Girl"?


Anonymous said...

Sue the City, the building owner for knowingly engaging contractors who brought undocumented workers to the building in order to save on labor costs that the building owner - any owner looks for in hiring contractor.

CntrySigns said...

I hope he wins, then maybe people will think twice before hiring someone to save money instead of someone who will do a job safely.

Anonymous said...

Good for him. Isn't anyone thinking of the little girl, the three year old daughter Shelly left behind?

panzer65 said...

I commend the man for suing, perhaps this will lead to a law that gives stiff penalties to companies who hire illegal workers, then US citizens who need to work will get an opportunity to be employed.
Since laws are not being enforced to control these "illegal immigrants", the term should be changed to "misplaced workers".