Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hiram shows his true colors

I apologize for the previous post which contained misinformation from a NY1 report. The eminent domain threat is apparently NOT off the table, despite the letter signed by 32 councilmembers stating that it was a non-negotiable stipulation for gaining their support. So sad that Hiram lied to the business owners there and his constituents. For what? Because the Dems made a deal with the devil known as Mayor Bloomberg. Disgusting.

Throw the whole lot of them out in the next election. We don't need selfish dealmakers. We need representatives who will look out for the best interests of the city. Clearly, a megadevelopment boondoggle is not one that we need at this time.


We'll see whose promises are golden and whose are not worth the paper they're written on tomorrow. I'm already working on the photoshops...


Anonymous said...

you will be busy.

Council will most likely support the development unanimously.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt Avella will vote yes. If Como plans to run again, he'll vote no as well.

MacArthur's Park said...

Como is an asswipe. He'll do anything, even become the Mayor's bitch.

Avella will stand up to Gloomberg.

Anonymous said...

EMINENT DOMAIN should be brought back to the Supreme Court to rexamine Government right to use it and in what situation.

Currently Eminent domain is a bulldozer running over private property owners and or a stick to make threats to those same owners.

Anonymous said...

Since we can't tar 'n feather all those bums 'n ride 'em out of town on a rail, our #1 priority is to vote Mayor Bumberg and his ass kissing stooges out of office!

Make sure those pigs don't get a third term feeding from the trough!

It's full enough of their feces already!

Anonymous said...

Luv the imagery!

Where's the third little piggy
(Evan or Shulman)?

Anonymous said...

Never trust a former cop who goes into politics!

Maybe Hiram wasn't so clean when he was "on-the-job" either!

Anonymous said...

"EMINENT DOMAIN should be brought back to the Supreme Court to rexamine Government right to use it and in what situation"

Yes, but it doesn't even have to go that far, NY State could retrict its use as most other states have done. Instead great 'leaders' like Serf Maltese support its abuse. Thank god he's getting flushed. Addobbo, you had better vote no, or you're no better. And introduce the legislation to prevent abuse.