Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great news from the Bloomberg administration, part 3

Ed Dept. plans 50% slash in new seats for students

The Education Department's new five-year capital plan will create less than half the number of new seats as the previous one, reflecting the economic meltdown.

The $11.3 billion plan will spend $3.7 billion on 25,000 new seats in 42 new buildings between 2010 and 2014, down from 55,000 between 2004 and 2009.

Overcrowded areas such as Manhattan's upper East Side and Tribeca, Highbridge and Kingsbridge in the Bronx, Sunset Park and Park Slope in Brooklyn and Corona and Elmhurst in Queens are among those slated for new classrooms.

A report released last week by a group called A Better Capital Plan estimated nearly 30,000 new seats were needed to ensure no school was over capacity, but 167,000 were needed to reach goals set as a condition for the city to receive state money. The DOE disputes the report, saying it vastly overestimates the number of new seats needed.

A DOE spokeswoman said some overcrowding problems would be alleviated by rezoning and reconfiguring grades to use underutilized schools more efficiently.

The plan must be passed by the City Council before it can go into effect.


Anonymous said...

And Joan Rivers made a scene at the election polls and seriously wanted to write in the terd for presidente.Hes great on education, and loves to build for those with fat pockets.
Great! hes cutting money for the police and evening shifts at FDNY stations.Does this call for a special hearing on his Impeachment before he screws everything for another 4 years.Pressure needs to be put on this scum to leave because you dont cut vital services anymore.Send emails to news stations, and pressure other local politicians to think for once.
This is his Wall st thinking.

Anonymous said...

How about cutting
the tax incentives that
NYC generously gives to developers instead of screwing the children?

it's better to keep the electorate dumb thus making them more easily "tweeded"!

Thanks Mayor Muv F----r !

italian girl said...

anonymous said...

"...Hes great on education..."

Clearly, you don't know what you're talking about.

slick said...

The rich get richer.

He truly does not care for the middle class.

The middle class relay more on these services due to the fact that we all can't have private small town police and fire crews as well as private schools for our kids.

How can he be so out of touch

italian girl said...

I really feel like helping to organize a movement against this guy. Bloomie's got the money. Whatever candidate is up against him will probably lose and he knows this. And just like the unlikely presidential candidate Obama won, maybe we can oust this worthless billionaire and send him on his way. It's so nice to see the little guy win. And maybe,
with some effort, the little guy can win again next year for NYC.

CntrySigns said...

So let me get this straight Bloomberg...You push for more Apartments and Condos to be built which in turn bring more kids and then you cut funding for schools

italian girl said...

What does he care?

It's not his kid that'll be jammed in a class of 35.
It's not his kid that'll be in a portable classroom in the schoolyard.
It's not his kid that will not have appropriate textbooks.
It's not his kid that'll lose all-important support teachers for students who need extra help.

It's not his kid.