Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DWI killer has violent past

A man suspected in the beating death of a financial worker in Manhattan in 2006 now faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving after a crash that killed the driver of a livery cab and her passenger early Sunday in Queens, the police said.

The deaths come two years after Mr. Omar became a suspect in the robbery and killing of the financial worker. He has not been indicted in that case, but the investigation is continuing, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said on Sunday. A spokeswoman for the office said a court hearing in the case was scheduled for Dec. 12.

Two Women Die in Queens Livery Crash

Mr. Omar, whose name also appears in public records as Omar Daryush, was arrested in 2006 along with five other men after Thomas Whitney Jr., 24, of Hoboken, N.J., was found beaten on 19th Street near Avenue of the Americas in Chelsea. Investigators said Mr. Whitney had been with friends at a bar.

Initially, the investigation was stalled because the police were not immediately notified after the attack. Mr. Whitney, who was found on the ground without any identification, died 12 hours later.

A breakthrough in the case came after the police publicized surveillance images that showed three men on a shopping spree using Mr. Whitney’s credit cards. Mr. Omar and the others were arrested; he and two others were named as suspects in the killing and robbery, and the rest were considered suspects in criminal possession of stolen property.

Later newspaper accounts said the case could not proceed unless eyewitnesses came forward.

Sometime after the crash, a local resident, Evangelos Fotiou, 42, came across the scene of the accident and took money from one of the victims, the police said. It was unclear how much he took and where on the street he found it, the police said. Mr. Fotiou, who told officers he was going to return the money, was charged with obstructing governmental administration and petty larceny, the police said.


Anonymous said...

reason to not use car services in Queens. foreign male drivers who hate women.

why are car service's allowed to flourish in Queens? why are they permitted to clog up 61st Street/Roosevelt Avenue and how the heck do we know if they are not Al-Queda?

More reasons to upgrade deportation. thanks to the immigration lobby those women are now dead.

B. G. Stewart said...

This fellow was driving a private SUV, not a livery car.

The livery car's driver and passenger were the people killed.

Wade Nichols said...

Two words: "The chair!"

Joe said...

As expeced more American killed buy illegel turd world garbage!!

Bush and INS just released 7000 felons, child molestors, rapists, in the Texas jails on to the streets. (3500 had multi arrests and ordered deported years ago)

(Handed them $100 each BTW)
...Has no more money to deport them.

Try and find that in the media but its true !!

Anonymous said...

As long as the government (on all levels) allow these illegal aliens to walk our streets and demand our services, this kind of crime will continue. These people are criminals. Deport all of them. Why invite more crime into our everyday lives? Until one of these bleeding-heart liberals loses a loved one, this will continue.

Anonymous said...

5 Muslims kill a guy, not even worth being news worthy. Imagine if 5 white guys killed a Muslim, and then used his credit card to shop. OH THE LIBERAL HORROR!!!!

So sick of this country and Liberal idiots

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought this was a real tragedy.

Thanks guys, now I realize it's just another opportunity to rant about illegal immigrants and...muslims? and... al qaeda?

snake plissskin said...

As long as the government (on all levels) allow these illegal aliens to walk our streets and demand our services, this kind of crime will continue.

They vote the right way or are transient tweededs. The machine considers this a hell of a lot better than long term middle class citizens who are pain in the ass quality of life nuts.

DH said...

I didn't realize how many scumbags there are in my neighborhood. It disturbs me to no end to hear the details of this story: From the suspected murderer/drunk driver fleeing the scene of vehicular manslaughter to the theft of the victims' wallets to the witness who didn't approach the accident because he "wanted to sleep later." All of this only a couple weeks after a rape four blocks away. Astoria is not the place I thought it was.