Monday, November 10, 2008



A Queens cemetery is suing the city for $35 million because of chronic flooding.

St. John's Cemetery, in Middle Village, has repeatedly asked the city to fix what it says is inadequate drainage along parts of Metropolitan Avenue, according to the lawsuit.

The problems have caused $10 million in damages, St. John's Cemetery claims. It also wants $25 million in punitive damages.


Taxpayer said...

This is the part of "Death and Taxes" that the Commissar lives for.

He deliberately neglects the infrastructure so that even the dead are desecrated, and then he expects that the taxpayers will fix the problem with more of their hard-earned money.

Lets be certain to dump this garbage!

Anonymous said...

Geez if the Cemetery would pick up their leaves occasionally maybe the catch basins wouldn't clog.

Anonymous said...

John Gotti will not be sleeping with the fishes after all.

-Joe said...

Been happening since I can remember.
As teenagers we "hung out" under the tunnels over there near the M platform.
They were building the Robert Hall Villiage at the time you could also hang in the HUGE fire stairwells.
Yea we were delinquents but never littered or stole, just had nothing to do. Ridgewood, Glendale, MV was a German/Italian bedroom communiet at the time
Some Irish guy had this little gang that sold pot ludes and Penthouse mags. He later became a MV politition.
I remeber a big bag of weed was $30 an oz.
Personally I hate the stuff just a wiff of it makes me dizzy, and cross eye and I cant stand most people who use it. It makes people slow and stupid)
Anyway the cematary was also the quickest way to get to CK highschool from Glendale.

That ground was alway waterlogged for days after a good rain.

I do remember they moved must be 100's of old graves near or around Metro/71 st. I remember it looked like nothing was in the soil (as in no bones or casket parts)just a mountain of dirt.

Anonymous said...

Wrong cemetery dude....think u smoked too much