Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Change NYC launched

ChangeNYC.Org is an organization unifying our City’s Democratic Party by welcoming all New Yorkers back into the political process. We are a coalition of real, everyday New Yorkers – young voters, progressives, neighborhood leaders, community bloggers, good government groups, and even conservatives – who believe that in cooperation we can bring the change to our City that together we have begun to bring to our nation.

In the spirit of the Obama campaign, we are revitalizing democracy from the grassroots on up in all five boroughs. Led by your voice and your priorities, and funded exclusively by your financial support, we are connecting, organizing, educating, and empowering ordinary citizens to create the Democratic Party our members think will best stand for their principles.

This website is the headquarters of our online social network for political action, and the home of ChangeNYC.Org, a city and state PAC. We are not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, or political party.

Join us today to start bringing immediate change to every block, neighborhood, and community in New York City. Your fellow citizens will thank you.


Wade Nichols said...

With apologies to Pete Townshend of The Who: "Meet the new change, same as the old change".

Anonymous said...

Will this group help insurgent
Democrat candidates run against entrenched incumbents?

Anonymous said...

What about Independents and Republicans? Are they stepchildren? Don't they deserve a voice? How about changing your site to: EVERYONE WINS? Include ALL New Yorkers. Stop making everyday life a political thing. Everyone wants a good quality of life for themselves and their children. Stop putting Democrat on everything. People should vote for the person, not the party.

miles mullin said...

on target again wade..

Anonymous said...

Start by sweeping out the headquarters of the Queens KKK (Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks).

Otherwise it will be business as usual with NO CHANGE except for turning over the reins to the next crooked politician !

Anonymous said...

The NYC council (and Mayor Mike) needed to have their diapers CHANGED.

But Bloomberg coerced council members into overthrowing term limits and institute an oligarchy of the wealthy.

So it's goodbye to democracy
in our city!

from billionaires' pockets
tossed at our feet!

Catchy political slogans seem
much easier to come by than real solutions!

When stuck with a commissar like Bloomberg a Stalin type purge
(but bloodless) is in order!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if "CHANGE" means a real FDR type "NEW DEAL" or just a re-shuffling of a worn out deck!

If I'd discovered that I was playing cards with some "sharps" I'd call for a FRESH DECK on the table...wouldn't you?

I'll give the president elect
about 2 years and then decide whether he's an"OH!-bama" or a "NO-bama"!

Words are cheap.
Let's wait and see what transpires.