Friday, August 1, 2008

Whitestone developer proud of pink mansion

After owning gas stations and a trucking company, Politis founded Dorian Mechanical, investing in local real estate. His home, though, is a source of achievement and pride. Pale pink with a reddish hue that glows in the sun, it overlooks the Whitestone Bridge.

Between the bridges: Villas in Whitestone

On the market for $5 million, the home across the street was also built by Politis, wired by his son and designed by his wife. (Politis sold the other two lots on the street with strict architectural guidelines so that each maintains a villa-like flair.) Inside and outside, the home for sale is as Mediterranean as any in the New York area.

Owned by Chris Orsaris, the terra-cotta-roofed, golden yellow home has an indoor hot tub, bar and 12-seat theater in the basement. The curtains, sculptures and marble floors have a made-in-Italy design. The smart-home technology system allows Orsaris to control his refrigerator temperature or turn on the hot tub from a laptop. It cost more than $500,000 to install.

The price tag on this McMansion in Dyker Heights seems cheap in comparison.


italian girl said...

A friend of mine lives right down the block from this property. There are four homes built on a huge property and they are all facing each other. Two of the homes are right on the water and the other two are close to the street. Almost the entire property is paved over with very little grass.
I can tell you first-hand that these four homes are so gaudy and tasteless. I don't care how much money they are worth. Large homes can be beautiful. But these homes homes that are all oddly facing one another look weird. Sorry.
And another thing. These homes were recently built. So why are they on the move already? I've noticed this trend. Build a "dream" home and after couple of years sell the home.

Wade Nichols said...

Oh, but ain't that America, for you and me
Ain't that America, we're somethin' to see, baby
Ain't that America, the home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me

Somehow I don't think John Cougar Mellencamp had this monstrosity in Whitestone in mind when he wrote this song!

anonymous said...

This one of the 4 houses featured on your blog on July 20 2007 from AM-NY. The 22 comments said it all. I live a few blocks away and I enjoy giving my friends tours of the area, warning them to wear sunglasses to avoid getting blinded by the day-glow colors of these monstrosities. Another area sure to provide amusement to visitors is Malba, a few blocks away on the other side of the Whitestone Bridge. Just about every last house that had any character is being sold to provide room for hideous overlandscaped McMansions. And can anyone tell me, what's with all these turrets that are cropping up on the roofs of these "homes", some so small you can't even fit your head in one?? Guess it's just another feature of the "Magic Kingdom School of Architecture"

Sign me, Disgusted in Whitestone

Anonymous said...

It's the American dream. At least he kept his lawn green, unlike the folks in Forest Hills

Anonymous said...

Nice house, I wish I had 5 million dollars

italian girl said...

If I had 5 million dollars, that's not what I'd buy. Although I will say that the location is incredible.

Anonymous said...

I think that Queens Historical Society should hire a "fuggettaboutit" type ethnic stereotype character, in your face bus driver, to conduct a magical mystery tour of Malba and its environs.

"Ah dis a house on da left is "Casa di Cacinna" and da home of the
Di Fatta Merde family"!

Anonymous said...


nipper said...

the thief shows his true colors and taste