Thursday, August 14, 2008

Velazquez & Towns tour Ridgewood Reservoir

On Tuesday morning 8/12, Congressmembers Nydia Velazquez and Edolphus Towns toured the Ridgewood Reservoir with reporters, community members and park advocates.
A group of them descended down into basin #3, which is said to have the most diversity in bird species. This is the basin that Parks would like to see developed.
A great description of what is happening here is found on Save Ridgewood Reservoir's site. After observing the varied habitat, they climbed back up and reassembled the group in the parking lot where the elected officials made closing remarks.

Sounds like Nydia's in favor of preservation.

Rep. Anthony Weiner was invited to come but instead opted to have a "pen-and-paper sitdown" with reporters.

Photos by Rob Jett.


Taxpayer said...

UPDATE: A Weiner spokesman said, "The intention was not to exclude recording devices, it was to indicate that it was for print reporters and that the diner didn't want TV cameras"

Who spoke of cameras? The question was recorders.

In any event, Weiner couldn't find a diner that would allow cameras? Or, he couldn't step outdoors for video?

What a cheesy liar. Scratch Weiner from your list of choices. He's shit as a representative. Why would he be any better as Mayor? Why would he be any improvement over Commissar Death and Taxes?

Clearly, Weiner is the developers' wet dream.

Chris said...

Does anyone know Como's position on the Ridgewood Reservoir? It's in his district, and I know CB 5 is adamantly pushing for its preservation.

Queens Crapper said...

Como says he's for preserving the whole thing now, but previously he said he was in favor of a compromise plan.

Anonymous said...

Pen-and-paper reporter use recorders in the course of their daily business.