Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vallone, Sr. trying to overturn term limits

Former Council Speaker Seeks Extension of Term Limits

By GRACE RAUH, Staff Reporter of the Sun

A former speaker of the City Council, Peter Vallone Sr., is trying to pull together New Yorkers in an organized effort to extend term limits in the council.

Former Council Speaker Peter Vallone speaks to reporters after an August 2001 debating between Democratic mayoral candidates in New York.

Mr. Vallone, who represented Astoria, Queens, between 1974 and 2001, says term limits cripple the council's ability to counterbalance the mayor's wing of City Hall. He wants to see term limits abolished altogether, but said he would be open to an effort to extend term limits to three terms, up from two.

"I think it's an abomination, as far as legislatures are concerned," he said yesterday in an interview with The New York Sun. "Anyone who knows anything about government knows it's a disaster for a legislature."

Mr. Vallone's efforts come amid talk in political circles that Mayor Bloomberg would try to tinker with term limits and run for a third term. The law, which city voters twice supported at the polls, bars officials from holding office for more than two consecutive terms.

While Mr. Vallone said he would like specifically to change the law for council members, he said he would be open to changing the limits for other city officials if it would help him build more support for his cause.

He said he hoped his effort would succeed in time to affect the next wave of council members at City Hall. Thirty-six new council members will be elected in 2009 to replace the members facing term limits.

There was no disaster back in 2001, as far as I can tell.


Taxpayer said...

Is it an imposition on office seekers that they prepare themselves extensively long before they campaign for office?

In all other jobs, candidates must demonstrate knowledge, competence and experience for the duties of the job. Why should tax-supported jobs be any different? We don't need unprepared morons who simply want a chance to "rule".

We require that office seekers be residents of the district for a reason: We think that residency gives the job seeker insight and experience in the issues that concern the other citizen residents of that jurisdiction.

We certainly don't want or need career office holders. If office holding becomes a career, then the office holder is far more interested in hanging on to that paycheck and all the other very expensive perks that go with the office, than to performing any useful actions.

Careerists always seem to leave a multitude of unresolved problems to be "addressed" in the next campaign, with the claim that with a little more time, the careerist will get to that issue.

No. Office seekers must arrive on the scene already knowledgeable on the issues and the procedures of governing. Too much effort? Too demanding? Flip burgers instead. Make that a career. Not very demanding.

Anonymous said...


jerry rotondi (the "hangman") said...

Hang (ha, ha, ha) these treasonous dogs who are attempting to circumvent democratic process by insisting that they force their rule upon us
for an extended term!

Sorry you career/pol lifers!

It's two strikes you're out, in this ball game!

Anonymous said...

If the people want to elect them for more than one term what's the big deal? The didn't appoint themselves councilman they were voted in by VOTERS.

If the majority is mindless then the mindless votes they cast win. Thats American!

I do oppose executive offices (President, Mayor, Governor)from seeking more than 2 terms.

Anonymous said...

Just look at that jaundiced face Pete senior is sporting.

Like dripping tallow from a low burning candle, this real life picture of Dorian Gray reveals all of its corrupt qualities!

Wattsa matta Don Vallone?

Not happy enough making money from your law firm handling old widows estates?

Anonymous said...

That comment ought to get a rise
out of Peter, Paul and Pete junior ("Mary")!

Anonymous said...

Vallone is a paid and registed lobbyist. He owns the current porky pigs on the council and their member items.

He put together the deal that made Parkside 7 million in consultant fees by making Gifford Miller speaker in 2001.

Both Vallone and Miller have been interview as part of the FBIs investigation of the fake non profits in the city's budget.

Quinn's dismissed fisical advisor Michael Keogh is the husband of Vallone former top poltiical advisor

Vallone things the public payroll is for himself and friends use to make money. The professor can BS all he wants about seperation of powers

Vallone teaches for CUNY which has always been a dumping ground for the city's elected officials and their friends.

faster340 said...

Screw that.

It should be done on a case by case basis. It should be left up to the VOTERS at the end of that politicians run. If the politician did a good job after his last term and it looks like it will continue then the voters should say whether the term limit rule should be overturned in that particular case. If that politician was a "Dennis Gallagher" then no one will vote to overturn that rule and said politician is out.

Term limits should stay in place but I really see no reason to get rid of someone if they are doing a good job. It should just be left up to the voters and not because the politician says so!

Anonymous said...

I think if they do that, we the people who vote them in should do an annual report card on them and if they aren't cutting the mustard they should be fired like any other worker that doesn't carry his/her weight. It always amazes me how they bullshit us year after year we vote them in and then they do an about face and bow to corporate america and we the people suffer. No one looks at it like we the people are their bosses, they work for us, we pay their salaries and if we are not happy we should also be able to kick their arses to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Term limts are good enough for the President of the US then they are good enough for lowly little city council memebrs.

Anonymous said...

The city is in the best shape its been in its history, even in a downturn, thanks to term limits.

Vallone and his cronies are simple sheisters who can't get anyone to hire them so they're looking to try a comeback.

Taxpayer said...

"I do oppose executive offices [President, Mayor, Governor) from seeking more than 2 terms."

So, the voters should have a say in reelecting morons, except for the President, Mayor and Governor?

What's your logic for this position?

Anonymous said...

Actually it is time that New York votes term limits in for Assembly and Senate now.

Anonymous said...

Because executive offices (Pres, mayor, gov) should be limited because of the total control one seat holds (jobs, revenue est., etc)and can lead to absolute tyranny.

This is why in the constitution they limited the executive office and not the legislative and judiciary branch. Was our Constitutional creators being "illogical"?

Anonymous said...

These career clubhouse crabs are pissed that they have only two terms to steal from the municipal cookie jar.

Well, f--k 'em all in spades,
beginning with "Don" Pietro senior!