Sunday, August 17, 2008

These guys are back in the news

It was bad enough when the NY Times decided to profile them, now someone made a movie about them to further glorify their noisy annoying hobby.


Anonymous said...

Are they the guys currently blasting annoying music at 3am?

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m....a piece of piano wire strung across their path (ha, ha, ha.....only joking)!

georgetheatheist said...

Send them to the Burning Man festival.

Wade Nichols said...

$100 says that the director of this schlock "film", Ran-dull Stevens, is a trust fund puppy liberal who lives in Manhattan and would call the cops if he had to endure the noise from these clowns every night.

georgetheatheist said...

"Made in Queens"...hmmm, will that rubric ever have the quality as "Made in Germany"?

Isn't this how the Wright Brothers started?

It reminds me of my own youth when we used to take a 2x4 and nail it to a milk crate and attach roller skate wheels to the contraption.

Remember the Little Rascals soap-box derby "racing car" where the brakes were the Rascals' shoe leather?

Anonymous said...

One hundred years ago, under the guise of reformers, swells and their ladies from the East Side used to take package tours of the opium dens of Chinatown, abodes of White Slavery, etc etc.

At one time Queens was a destination of choice, second only to Manhattan.

A few generations of the tender mercies of the machine, and what are we?

Just like Victorian Chinatown, Queens has become a gigantic exotic local for the betters to voyeuristically get their jollies.

How Exotic! How Diverse! How Virbrant! How Colorful! Ride the International Express and see America tomorrow.

The entire tourism thing in Queens is tired and moribund.

Replace the current people and come up with some new direction, or just get rid of it.

Stop wasting our money!!

Joe said...

There is a way to blow these out.
You need to use a CB radio, a 200 watt linear amplifier.
Just wire the mic to it to squeel.
The guys that build these rigs just sip tie the wiring together, no shielding.

The RF shorts the inverteres out in the cheap "trunk boxex" these guts use.
These amps use an invertes to bring the 12 volt DC up to 36 or so volts.
Its a dumb hobby, it wears out batterys in months.

It the old days we built CB Linear Amplifiers ot of sweep tubes and TV transormers. Now you can buy 12 volt 200 watt Chinese ones for $80


Anonymous said...

These guys are on my street in Astoria, except its a damn SUV all Friday ,Saturday, and Sunday pumping out crap.Geez if i said they were Guyanese and annoying thugs that would make me...observant.I usually disagree with people on here about their generalizing bike commuters, but car or whatever vehicle I dont need to hear your music that much.114th is asleep.

Wade Nichols said...

Geez if i said they were Guyanese and annoying thugs that would make me...observant.

Indeed. Don't let your "lying eyes" fool you!

Of course there are those on this board who feel that if you report what you see, that act alone therefore makes YOU the criminal, because in today's climate we're not supposed to notice boorish behavior by Tweeders.

-Joe said...

This extends to Long Island now
This weekend I was SHOCKED how much even Sag Harbor has changed!!
......Just disgusting!!

Murphs has been sold to off the boat Irish who turned it into a Fag-Yuppie hangout

All the rich with the larger boats have these tweed shits working on them.
They turn all the radios to the same Spanish frequency blasting this CRAP and I MEAN CRAP Bohemians RAP !!
And oogle n catcall all the women

I was on a catamaran 1/2 mile out on the breakwater, had to listen to the shit till past midnight.

2 Slices of crappy reheated nasty spicy dried up pizza (made by Mexicans) and a small coke will cost ya $8.25

We took the ferry back to redneck Mattituck where tweed shits are not welcome to mingle and run out of town after dark.
Hopfully the town has another good 10 years

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe
You are a moron