Friday, August 8, 2008

Teen driver in crash no angel

Lawyer Leonard Ressler said the teen was sent to live with a family friend days before the crash after he fought with his momom and refused to take his anti-psychotic meds.

Teen driver who killed Queens couple in crash concerned about his car

The Mercedes belonged to the family and Chubalashvili took it without permission, prosecutors said.

Ressler also said the intersection is an accident-prone site with a lot of blind spots.

Chubalashvili has two other open criminal cases, one for robbing a pre-teen in a playground, and the other for turnstile jumping, prosecutors said.

In the robbery case, Chubalashvili and two pals allegedly attacked a pair of youngsters at a Rego Park playground.

Co-defendants Michael Sarikov and Rabiyev Merikhay beat the boys and stole a cellphone, then Chubalaskvili forced one of the boys to go home and retrieve $200 for them, prosecutors said.

Chublakashvili was born in the U.S., but descends from the Republic of Georgia, near Russia.

"Russians don't cry, Russians get even," Sarikov warned the victims, threatening a worse beating if they went to cops.


Joe said...

The parents and lawyer of this bad seed are going for the old
"He's a wonderful child and son when he takes his medication"

It bullshit !!!
If he was crazy this POS would have been committed already.

---- they need to throw a rope around his neck and let him swing bfore he kills more people.

Nice how all them Forest Hills Buk's are now using this as an excuse to cut down whatever green is left

A Better NYC said...

Let me get this straight...

-this teen has a prior arrest record.

-this kid is a druggie

-this kid doesn't have valid license.

-this kid takes a car without permission

-this kid kills 2 people

-this kid's first concern is about the damage to his car

-the kid's father shows up from Russia and refuses to give his name

These people are lawless barbarians. Total animals.

Anonymous said...

Georgia... isn't there where Stalin was from too? That republic is going on my shit list.

Anonymous said...

Georgia... isn't there where Stalin was from too? That republic is going on my shit list.

Jimmy Carter too, Can't trust any democrats from there.

Dennis P.

Anonymous said...

POS just like the wannabe thugs in Ridgewood that I have to deal with on a regular basis. The average IQ in Ridgewood must be lower than room temp. What a bunch of morons these Polocks and other such flotsam and jetsam are from eastern europe. No wonder why Russia tried to keep their boots on these guys necks. Not that Russians are any better.