Monday, August 11, 2008

Storm packs a wallop in Astoria

Storm Downs Power Lines, Trees In Queens - NY1

The cleanup has already begun in some Queens neighborhoods that were hit especially hard by the storms earlier this morning and afternoon.

Scattered power outages remain throughout the five boroughs.

The powerful wind and downpours sent a 20-foot tree into a house on 37th Street in Astoria. While there was serious damage done to the exterior of the home, no one was injured.

Local residents said the tree was an accident waiting to happen because it had been dead for years.

"The trees been dying for at least five years now," said one local resident. "I think the Fire Department was here a few weeks ago and they cut down part of the tree because it had some dead branches. This tree came down all of the sudden and you see the result; broken windows, broken awnings, broken gutters."

The tree is just one of more than 25 that downed throughout northern Queens, according to the Parks Department.

The Parks Department is working to clean up the debris.

More heavy rains are expected to hit the city later this afternoon.

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georgetheatheist said...

I wanted to have a tree planted in front of my house a few years ago. The Parks Department said I had to have a cut already in my sidewalk (which I didn't) before I could get the tree. However, they told me that they would put the tree in my neighbor's cut. I said sure, go ahead. My neighbor, when he saw the freshly-planted sapling, got all pissed-off because he claimed that in the future the tree was going to fall on his house or its roots would screw up his water/sewer system. (He didn't know I had requested the tree.) It's still there.

italian girl said...

I actually have a neighbor who is so into getting city trees planted on our block, he fills out the form and forges signatures of all the other neighbors. And you know what? Our block looks great! We have a couple of stubborn neighbors who are convinced that little city tree will destroy their lives.
And I actually had a huge maple tree that crashed into my house during a wicked storm in April
2002. That last picture reminds me of what my house looked like after my tree hit. In fact many trees came down that day in Queens. I had the city immediately replace it. Green good. Cement bad.

georgetheatheist said...

Be sure your insurance is paid up.

Anonymous said...

Silver Maples are notorious for their shallow roots and might become a problem in sidewalk plantings (80 years later though).

Thats why the Parks Dept. doesn't plant that variety any more.

Most of the curb trees that go down in storms are poorly cared for Silver Maples. This looks like one in the picture.

-Joe said...

Haa Haa Classic today!!

These Bukharan's have been blasting the neighborhood with these generators and high frequency ceramic and stone cutters since the spring.

Im talking 100 dB at 300 yards 9AM-5PM on my C weighted meter.
Water mixed with slip and cutting silica running down the street

The contractors building this ugly POS Pyramid leave no space for parking fill there driveways and street thats "No standing any Time".

(Note: The town is enforcing the code on this sight since the inspector and some BZA people copped jail plea's for bribery last month)
Now these arrogant, self righteous, tyrant, racist fire ants park there black Caddi SUV's and BMW's in front of our house.

Today the storm dropped baseball hail and this massive Locust tree atop ALL of them !
One straight shot.
Put the roofs below the steering wheels

I stood there laughing my ass off as the fire ants come flooding out of the Pyramid screaming they are GOING TO SUE ME!!!

They claim since I took photos of there illegal operations traffic enforcement and the town have been harassing them.
...and that’s my fault!

There mostly Greek contractors and workers have been given summonses as well, for parking, no insurance, no drivers licenses, open containers.

(Another words the reason they have to park in front of everybody’s houses is due to the racist American town not letting them have there way !!)

I can’t believe the balls on these f-ing people!!

The cop were even laughing---told them
"Who ever isn’t a car owner go back in the house before somebody ends up going for a ride"
---This was followed by more cursing in some gibberish.

What a classic day :)


Anonymous said...

joe, that WAS pretty funny.
theY probably believe you did some voodoo on the tree or something.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA ---what poetic justice !!

Wait till the North Eastern Seagulls start busting up Little Neck claims, crabs and sh*tting all over that cement and tile POS !!
:) :)

Joe said...

Made news 12 Tonight !

Of couse they edited 3/4 of what I SAID, along with THE FACTS!