Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Store coupons offered to new voters

At 19, Joseph Maddalone is not far beyond the adulthood marker of being old enough to vote.

Yet he's made it his mission to increase the nation's number of registered voters. And he's hoping the lure of retail discounts during a sagging economy will encourage people to take the first step in fulfilling a civic duty.

During his first year at the University of Scranton, Maddalone of Centerport, created a Web site called Voice Your Choice, where he linked state voter registration databases already posted online. Then he solicited businesses near his college to offer discounts to registered voters.

His site, www.vyctoday.com, is meant to be a central, accessible place for voters to find their registration information, print it out and take it to a retailer offering a discount.

Local teen hopes discounts increase voter registrations

Someone should explain to this young man that if it takes a financial incentive to get someone to vote, then maybe they shouldn't be encouraged to decide who represents us.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they can give away free turkeys, or beer, or, well, you get the pictures.

The pols are not called Tweeds because they wear Scottish imports.