Monday, August 4, 2008

"Standing room only" cars coming to subway

It will be standing room only - literally - when NYC Transit runs some subway cars without any seats, hoping to squeeze more riders inside.

The agency is planning a pilot program featuring a train with flipup seats in four of 10 cars.

The flipup seats will be locked in the up position during rush hours, meaning everyone inside the car will have to stand, the Daily News has learned.

"Each car will be able to carry more people," NYC Transit President Howard Roberts said of the no-sitting strategy. "It means more capacity. It gives the ability to pick up more people, and have fewer people left on the platform waiting for the next train."

After rush hours, workers will unlock the flipup seats for riders to use, Roberts said.

The pilot program, hatched by Roberts and his senior vice president of subways, Steven Fiel, is expected to start in five to seven months, when the first retrofitted train arrives.

NYC Transit planning to experiment with seatless subway cars at rush hour

So there'll be absolutely no room for air to circulate. I can't wait 'til next summer!


georgetheatheist said...


Ridgewoodian said...

IF this truly gets off the ground, it won't last. Not if the MTA likes having trains that are not on fire.

Hate to say it, but congestion pricing could have helped with this....

Anonymous said...

And the MTA wants to raise the fare?

How about half fare for standing room only customers?

Yeah, right!

At least, how about employing some Tokyo style white gloved subway car packers, Mayor

And you keep on criticizing us critics of over-development?

Get your f----g infrastructure in order you little piss ant, before you allow your fellow billionaires to build any more mega eyesores!

Anonymous said...

This is just Bloomberg's revenge for rejecting his ineffective congestion pricing plan.

The mayor is nothing less than a bitchy, bitter little queen on a blind rampage!

Anonymous said...

Der Mayor was promoting his congestion pricing boondoggle while going along with raising NYC's transit fares.

How does this promote using mass transit in favor of driving into Manhattan "Ridgewoodian"?

You logic board seems a little fried old boy!

kingofnycabbies said...

The G train only has four cars--guess it's no seats for anybody at rush hour!

Interesting to see how these things will be designated. What happens if a senior or a pregnant woman, who can't stand the length of the trip, gets on a no-seater?

I'm sure this has all been thought through.

Anonymous said...

How about a senior citizen & disabled car that can be accessed only with a
special magnetic key card?

Anonymous said...

Do I detect a diminished quality of transportation being foisted upon us commuters?

Commissar Bloomberg certainly doesn't give a shit about the New York peons' quality of life!

It's, "Get rich or perish"!
That's this little runt's motto!

Ridgewoodian said...

ANONYMOUS: How does this promote using mass transit in favor of driving into Manhattan "Ridgewoodian"?

It doesn't. As you can clearly see, I think this is a terrible idea. I don't think that it'll last very long, either as there is sure to be a huge outcry from the transit riding public.

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea - as long as there is a standard - say the last two or first two cars of eevry train. You'll cwertaily be able to get on and off quicker.

Anonymous said...

fuck you mta fuck you mayor cocksucker

ticket to ride said...

And how many work-a-day sardines can Bloomberg's MTA stuff into one of these new car/cans?

Twice as many if they're packed in olive oil, I think!

The day I'd have to tolerate
such a quality of travel low point for 12 months each year, I'm outta here!

Bless the LIRR, located only 3 blocks away from my home!

I'll gladly pay the extra money
and feel like a refreshed human being before sweating at my job!