Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeking another notch in his diner belt

The 1940s chrome diner in Greenwich Village sits abandoned, its glass door broken and its interior filled with trash. But what is lost may have been found again. Preservationist Michael Perlman, who has already rescued the Cheyenne and Moondance diners in Manhattan from sure obliteration, tells Urbanite that he has submitted a proposal to owner Peter Moore Associates to preserve the diner and bring it back to its former glory.

Perlman to the rescue: Preservationist works to save forlorn 1940s Greenwich Village diner


Anonymous said...

Even the newbie, emerging young Queens "preservationists" are turning their interests towards preserving Manhattan not their own borough!

Where are the Queens success stories?

We see....none in your own nabe!

It seems to be all about publicity and seeing your name in print.

Anonymous said...

how about getting the "T-Bone Diner" landmarked, president & founder of that Rego Forest group?

It's in your own damn nabe!

Anonymous said...

how about getting the "T-Bone Diner" landmarked, president & founder of that Rego Forest group?

I think the board of health is going to 'landmark' that place in their own special way.

Mildred said...

Remember the Trylon Theater? Before the Rego-Forest Preservation Council group emerged, Perlman tried preserving the Trylon Theater's World's Fair architecture. The group was called the Committee To Save The Trylon Theater. It was Melinda Katz that opposed, and can be held accountable for its partial destruction.

I am now a member of Rego-Forest. We are pinpointing and researching worthy Rego Park and Forest Hills historic sites, but can't reveal specifics yet. I wish Melinda Katz was more faithful to her preservation constituents.

Al Morelli said...

Hey, I keep readin in the weaklies papers that Michael Perlman keeps on tryin to save a theater called the Ridgewood in Queens. He even has a pettition goin. This is the link I seen

I think besides Queens, he's tryin to help all over the place. Gotta give him credit

Anonymous said...

Yeah....more photo missions to catalog worth structure, secret studies and conducting local tours.

Didn't Jeff Kroessler and Nina Rappaport do that about 22 years ago
in their "little book"?

How many of these are still standing?

What's up your sleeve that's worthwhile Mr. Gottlieb?


When I look to spin my wheels I drive my T-Bird to a mud mound and let her rip!

Anonymous said...

An omission correction:
Should read "worthwhile structures"
first and second line down.

Anonymous said...

"Tryin to help all over the place"
when you don't have enough ammunition for local fights is like biting off more than you can chew!

Having faith in false gods and saviors is the most dangerous element in historic preservation today!

Not to worry, the Wizard of Oz has a secret plan in the works!

Anonymous said...

The rest of you bloggers are all jerks! What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

We are talking about ersatz preservationists like Jeff Gottlieb
etc. with their thumbs up their asses who do nothing substantial to

Just a lot of talkin' and walkin' tours!

Clear enough for fuzzy brained boob ?

Anonymous said...

If everything was done out in the open, would you rather have developers finding out?