Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rating our local beaches & parks

The Natural Resources Defense Council, in its 18th annual report gave the highest rating, four stars, to two of the beaches at Jones Beach (West and Central). Long Beach, Coney Island and Rockaway all had beaches with three stars.

Coney Island and Rockaway, however, also had beaches with only two stars.

Orchard Beach in The Bronx and Ocean Beach in Suffolk County were the only beaches in the region to get only one star.

But nationwide, the shores are more polluted than ever, according to the report.


And here's a rating of our local parks: Low Marks for City’s Playgrounds, Courts and Fields

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ew-3 said...

I spend a lot of time sailing and kayaking the New England coast, and I have to say the water and shoreline has never been cleaner. These type of organizations trump up these charges to promote an agenda and the press provides them a forum.