Thursday, August 7, 2008

Queens holds its very own glutton contest

...almost 50 men and women took their chance at becoming this year's Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Dumpling Eating Contest winners. Each contestant had two minutes to eat all the dumplings they could handle.

Flushing Woman Is Dumpling Eating Contest Winner

Flushing resident Floria Lee ate 33 dumplings to earn the crown as the women's champion. Joseph Menchetti from Connecticut won the men's contest by downing 66 Chef One chicken dumplings in two minutes for his second victory in a row.

Each of the winners took home a trophy and a check for $1,000 from Chef One Food Products.

It's the only eating contest where contestants feel hungry an hour later.


Anonymous said...

Pa-lese, this whole dragon boat thing is a crock.

Anonymous said...

"Flushing Woman Is Dumpling Eating Contest Winner"

You know what, at first, I thought that read:

"Flushing Woman Is Dumping Eating Contest Winner"

Which wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

was he certain he was eating chicken dumplings and not the local "catch"
of the day?

Cat got your tongue C.M. Liu?

Anonymous said...

Correction: I meant she not he.

Anonymous said...

What a high class cultural event...watching moronic contestants stuff their moon faces with dumplings are sure to attract tourism to Queens.

Wadda ya got to say about that
Ms. Terri Osborne?

This is, alas, just a bedroom (dormitory) borough.

If you want culture eat yogurt or travel to Manhattan for the real thing.

You don't exactly see tourists beating a path to Flushing now, do you?

C-mon you jerk-offs....get real!

Anonymous said...

Nice knock on Terri.

Terri the tiresome.

Terrible Terri.

However you cut it, time for Terri to go.