Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A perfect symbol for the city council

It is the time of year when City Council members raid the public treasury to shamelessly promote themselves at taxpayer expense.

Each member has a slush fund that he or she taps, they swear, to provide extra special, can't-live-without benefits to their neighborhoods.

One particularly noxious version of this annual ritual involves giving money to the Sanitation Department for the purchase of super-duper litter baskets. Which come - wouldn't you know it? - emblazoned with the sponsoring lawmakers' names.

As if they had dug into their pockets - not yours - to buy the baskets, however nice and needed they are.

Garbage in, garbage out

The Sanitation Department reports that it hasn't received the paperwork on this year's purchases, so there's still time for the Council members to give up on this political garbage.

If not, they should at least be honest. Let their baskets read: "Supposedly Brought to You by Council Member (So-and-So) but Actually Paid for by the Taxpayers of New York City."

P.S. Sounds like they need extras in Forest Hills.


Anonymous said...

What would make for a better photo would be Gennaro ranting from inside that container.

Anonymous said...

Those containers actually work many times better at keeping trash from overflowing into the street and looking unsightly than the standard 'mesh' style ones, which always overflow and let everyone see their contents. It probably doesn't cost anything extra to include the name of the politician who allocated the funds for it, so who cares? I'll take these over the mesh (mess) containers any day...

Anonymous said...

Extras in Forest Hills? Yeah, "Dump Katz." She doesn't deserve to serve on City Council. She has tarnished Forest Hills and Rego Park far too long. Michael Cohen is not much better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 said "Those containers actually work many times better at keeping trash from overflowing into the street". Haven't stopped Gennaro from overflowing into the street, however.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3 - I also don't believe Katz or Cohen are really Democrats - they are Democrats because they run in a 90% Democrat registered district. Remember how Cohen endorsed Pataki?