Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only in New York

How's this for City stupidity:

A City-owned parcel of land in Brooklyn was turned into an illegal parking lot by a squatter, who netted more than $168,000 in income per year off of it over the past 10 years. That's right, not a typo - 10 years. The City owned a piece of land that they apparently never checked on or put to use. The guy is now claiming squatter's rights because he's been operating there for so long, so the city arrested him for criminal trespass.

The City probably wants to sell it to a developer now and that's why they have their panties in a bunch.


Taxpayers said...

How about this. The city wants to jail Miller because he used eminent domain to acquire property for private profit.

Apparently Commissar Death and Taxes believes that only he and his wealthy developer cronies have the right to seize property for private, profitable use.

Here's Miller, just following precedent and the DA says: "It's not really complicated," Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said. "You are not permitted to take property which is not yours, whether it's personal property or the city." "Unless you have any claim of lawful possession, you have no right to do it."

How about that? No claim of lawful possession? No right to the property.

Commissar D&T has a singular view of property rights. What he wants, he takes.

Kinda like the totalitarian regimes of ... Oh oh. Listing these dictators unnerves the squeamish. So, to quell the dainty sensitivities of these dears, I'll bite my tongue.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth mom says

I hope that guy get a top notch lawyer and wins. Hynes is just a drunken puppet of the Mayor.
Except when it comes to crimes in Williamsburgh, then he has to get approval from the Grand Rebbe. SOmeone should do a story on that-the two sets of laws in Brooklyn One for the chosen people and another set for everyone else. Just ask the ADA's from Hynes office about the tiptoeing around they have to do before an arrest can stick.