Monday, August 18, 2008

Old Hickory trickery

From A Fine Blog:

I can't say for certain that the name "Old Hickory Park" was an intentional mistake, a misguided error, or just a play on words. Yet, with a fresh renovation under way wouldn't it make sense to rename the park "John C. Jackson Park" to reflect the historical significance the man for whom the Avenue and the neighborhood of Jackson Heights is named after?

Sir, you don't seem to understand. This is Queens, where we aren't supposed to remember or celebrate our neighborhood history, for that may get in the way of development and progress. Especially when it consists of anything to do with dead guys of European ancestry. Expect to find lots more cutesy little puns and names of local political club leaders on Parks Department historical signs as you gallavant throughout the borough.


Ant said...

If you don't like the name, the City Council can officially rename it.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Robinson Parkway, Bobby Kennedy Bridge ...

sort of like Karl Marx Stadt and Leningrad.

One party state names our heros, trashes the real history and the lemmings just go along.