Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Goethals Bridge in the works

It's just one concept and it's still a long way from construction, but the Port Authority's new Goethals Bridge drawings show a modern span that would shake up New York's staid collection of historic bridges.

Images: Goethals Concept

The Port is moving forward with a plan to replace the traffic-choked 79-year-old bridge which suffers from narrow lanes and a lack of breakdown lanes. The current structure is essentially at the end of its useful life without major rebuilding and the PA believes replacement is the best option.

Today the PA has released the first look at what a new Goethals could look like using modern bridge-building technology. The new span would rise alongside the old one which would be torn down once the new bridge is open. The renderings show a cable-stayed bridge with three lanes suspended off each side of the towers. The bridge would sport 12-foot wide lanes instead of the current 10-foot, breakdown lanes, bikeways, and room for a mass transit component in the future.

A Cool New Goethals

Having been trapped on the span several times, I can attest that a new bridge is a good idea.


Panzer65 said...

The best thing about this project is that it will finally provide S.I.and N.J. with a much need rail option.They should also build a tunnel next to the Verrazano bridge to provide access to Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Yet another billion dollar project that will get caught in a bureaucratic maze...

Anonymous said...

Looks hot, but it will probably take longer to build than the Freedom Tower or the Second Avenue Subway.

If the New Goethals ever reaches completion, maybe there's hope for a New Koscuiszco.