Friday, August 8, 2008

Letting it all hang out!

Peterson, 48, has Finnish and Norwegian ancestry but not Scottish. He began wearing kilts a couple years ago when his wife brought one back from a trip to Scotland. (A spokeswoman for Britain's Royal Mail said kilts are not allowed as part of its letter carrier uniforms.)

US letter carrier going full kilt ahead

Before the convention in Boston, Peterson spent his family's $1,800 economic stimulus tax rebate to mail about 1,000 letters and photographs of him wearing a prototype Postal Service kilt to union branches in every state, Guam and Puerto Rico.

"Unbifurcated Garments are far more comfortable and suitable to male anatomy than trousers or shorts because they don't confine the legs or cramp the male genitals the way that trousers or shorts do," he wrote. "Please open your hearts — and inseams — for an option in mail carrier comfort!"

The union's executive committee recommended disapproval, saying there was not enough demand for kilts to be worth the bother of the resolution, and delegates agreed by a large margin.


Anonymous said...

Air conditioning for those hot summer months!

Scotty said...

Capt'n, I've been hearin some scuttlebut. Y'v been callin my kilt a skirt.

Ef i hear it agin, you'll have to walk all the way back to Edinborough from Alpha Centuri.

And thats 4.3 light years ya know.