Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kids gone wild

Twice this summer, teens have opened fire into crowds during holiday celebrations, including a shooting in Harlem after a Memorial Day weekend barbecue, when 14-year-old Kahree Frye, who had eight prior arrests, shot and wounded six teens, cops said.

The brother of one victim shot Frye in retaliation last week, they said.


At a Fourth of July party at Mariners Harbor in Staten Island, 19-year-old Leonel Arellano sprayed bullets into a group of people, hitting two, and then punched a man in the face, according to police.

Guns have never been easier to get, experts say.

"Kids can rent out Uzis for $50 a day from a gun merchant," said Michael Corriero, a former Manhattan Criminal Court judge who handled youth crimes for 15 years before leaving the bench in February to head Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York.

It's a good thing we've banned guns in this city. Now only the criminals have them!

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Nicholas said...

"Now only the criminals have them!"

You got that right, bro. I'm glad there's people like you in Queens, who have there heads on straight. Can't say much better about people from my native Cali... At least we're gonna ban those damnable incandescents, devil's light, ya know.