Thursday, August 14, 2008

Joe Bruno registers as a lobbyist

By Kenneth Lovett

ALBANY - Former state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has registered with the state as a lobbyist, something he had said he wouldn't do.

The 79-year-old Bruno, who quit the Senate less than a month ago, said he was just being cautious in his new role as CEO of CMA Consulting.

By law, he cannot lobby the Legislature for two years.

"I will, however, be interfacing with various executive agencies and officials in my new role at CMA and I have chosen to register ... to guarantee maximum transparency," he told the Albany Times Union Wednesday.

Bruno has a close relationship with Gov. Paterson.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. Don't they all prefer "spending more time with the family"?

faster340 said...

"something he had said he wouldn't do."

Did you think he was really telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

General Mc Arthur once said, "Old soldiers never die...."

Likewise.....retired politicians never fade away.
They become lobbyists!

Now Bruno can do more openly what he's done for years behind our backs ...sell us out to the landlord/developers!