Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton wants Newtown Creek cleaned up

August 13, 2008

The Honorable Stephen L. Johnson
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Ariel Rios Building - 1101A
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

Dear Administrator Johnson:

I am writing to request that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), use its Superfund authority to conduct preliminary tests at four known hotspots along Newtown Creek, in New York City (Attachment A).

Newtown Creek, which borders Brooklyn and Queens, is well known as one of the most polluted industrial waterways in North America, where chemicals from factories along the bed of the Creek have seeped into the soil, sediment and water. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Office of the Attorney General have found evidence that certain hazardous substances regulated under CERCLA have been released at the Newtown Creek site (Attachment B). It is time the federal Superfund program conduct the testing that is necessary to determine whether Newtown Creek should be on placed on the NPL list. As the Chair of the Superfund and Environmental Health Subcommittee and a member of the Senate’s Environmental and Public Works Committee, it is of particular interest to me.

For years, the residents in the vicinity of Newtown Creek have been forced to live, work and play with toxic fumes in the air and contaminated water, soil and sediment on the ground. This exposure has led to community concern about potential pockets of serious illness. Superfund was established to address abandoned hazardous waste sites. The factories responsible for much of the chemical contamination have long since closed and as the cleanup authority of last resort, I see the federal Superfund program as the most effective way to solve this longstanding problem once and for all. The people of Newtown Creek have suffered long enough.

I appreciate your prompt attention and response to this matter.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Curiously, I got this letter from Miss Heather, who has more on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Well, its about time she shows up and does something for NY.

Her behavior thoughout this campaign is represenhisble.

She will do everything she can to undercut Obama so she can run again.

Even if that means 4 more years.

Taxpayer said...

If she wants Newtown Creek cleaned up, she can do her part by leaving the country.

And take that polluted liar with her.

georgetheatheist said...

Obama deserves to be undercut. (Go, Clinton, go!)

claire clinton said...

condem it like willets point and build more crap for billionaires and kick more industry out of the city. whats next

Anonymous said...

If she's suddenly so hot to get the creek cleaned up, some of her developer friends probably stand to benefit!

Go and tell your "husband" to clean up his act first and throw out those "clandestine" bedroom companions!

When ex-prez "Slick Willy"
walks past a Dunkin Donuts,
he pops an erection!

Anonymous said...

Monica Lewinsky for senator....
with proven service experience in the Oval Office!

She sure beats Hillary's
brand of "lip service".
(Obviously, Bill must have thought so too).

Anonymous said...

Just who are "the People" of Newtown Creek???? When Eric spoke to Hillary did he leave the impression that this is a town in his district or is she just assuming??

Anonymous said...

Yeah,no doubt shes played every race card on Oama and hes been civilized.Hillary this is about a million years too late but it looks good when among other things you expect Obama voters to pay off your damn debt when you millions yourself.Your no different than private industry money making bush. Yes go somewhere else.people already have kidney and brain cancer because of this cute massive oil mess in Greenpoint and LIC. George the atheist is inbred idiot who deserves to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey George the wanna be atheist. Go work for Hillary or clean up strom thurmonds toilet.Boy Queens takes the cake for retarded male lemmings.

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys on queens crap retards are the ones who thought clintons private life was your businesss like newt gingrich who divorced his wife in the hospital when she had cancer.Clean up your damn huge oil spill and sit your fat corner.You, bill, and bush need to go.

Anonymous said...

Clean up Newtown.. 30 years ago.Hillary go find a way to make 21 million bucks for your ego.Hey george ive got some donuts for you.

chris said...

good to see her doing something other than trying to be in obamas cabinet.maybee next chuck schumer will have a press confrerence on newtown creek.

Anonymous said...

stupid whiny commenters. billy this, hilly that, bushy here, obama there - who gives a fuck. at least hilly wants to get something cleaned up!

Anonymous said...

A man who can't keep his Johnson zipped up in his pants
(especially while his wife's on the presidential campaign trail) ought to consult a professional for his sexual addiction problem.

But when a wife has such a hunger for office seeking and overlooks her partner's clinical behavior
she's addicted to power!

Which is worse? Merely f--king for pleasure or screwing your constituents to relish lording it over them ?

Come to think of it, lusting for sex or power have similar roots.

Psycho/sexual abnormals have NO PLACE in the White House.


Clinton trailer trash!

Everybody knows that Hillary keeps a girlfriend just like Elanor R. did whom she idolizes and loves to compare herself to).

Anonymous said...

Carpet bagging bitch.

Anonymous said...

And like any true political carpet bagger, she really thinks she's got some special entitlement to be president just because her ex-prez husband diddled Monica with his Havana....a waste of a great cigar!

(You know how it goes, "A woman is only a woman but a cigar is a good smoke").

I don't mind any leader of a nation (king or president) falling victim to his human desires (on a rare occasion) but in the oval office!

That happened in our national home.

The White House is owned and paid for my us citizen taxpayers.

Lewinsky should have been taken to a cheap hot sheets hotel for that cheap little tryst!

Some have said that she arrived in Washington with her kneepads strapped on!

Anonymous said...

Bubba & Lady Mac Beth....
AKA Willy & Hilly or the bilious "Billary" twins....dual air bags!

Long jealous of the Kennedys,
both of them lust for the creation of their own family dynasty!

White trash!

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that Hillary keeps a girlfriend just like Elanor R.


any evidence you can provide? photos, names, etc?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly Weiner has a girlfriend.

Some blogs claim its her.