Thursday, August 7, 2008

Doorman still more concerned with Darfur than Queens

At a press conference at the United Nations today, Council member Eric Gioia accused the major television networks of inadequately covering China's role in the ongoing violence in the Darfur region of Sudan. China sells weapons to the Sudanese government and is the country's largest purchaser of oil. The International Criminal Court recently charged Sudan's president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, with genocide.

Council Member Wants Olympic Balance From NBC

"NBC does not stand alone in not publicizing the crisis in Darfur, but NBC does have a unique opportunity to highlight China's role," Mr. Gioia said today. "That is why during the Olympic coverage this should be something they are talking about."

If only the Doorman was this concerned and passionate about the crises in his own local district. Why was he at the U.N. yesterday on council time addressing TV coverage of a sporting event in another country? Perhaps he needs a reminder that the 26th Council District is what he gets paid to serve.


Anonymous said...

Gioia is part of a new culture of elected official who knows how to get into the papers. Blame the media that never covers fixing pot holes or any of the other jobs performed by office holders.

There are many problems with Gioia he is just using the system by press conferences that he would never make if he had no chance of getting in the news. It just shows he is only concerned with himself

Anonymous said...

So embarrassed he graduated from my great alma mater, St. Francis Prep.

Anonymous said...

prep ain't so great anymore

Anonymous said...

the doorman ... ah, the moderator of this blog's fiendishly clever dig at mr. gioia's employment history. there's absolutely nothing wrong with making a living as a doorman. And regardless of how you feel about his politics, why doesn't the moderator of this blog reference other parts of mr. gioia's resume?

A Better NYC said...

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it...

Most politicians are completely worthless and do nothing but attend high-profile events to keep their name is the media.

For Gioia to be in Manhattan taking about China is a direct kick to the balls of all the residents in his district.

Anonymous said...

Look how the long suffering people in his district are now considered so much vermin by QueensWest, LIQity, and the like.

To be replaced by their betters who deserve a waterfront, trees, and BIKE LANES!

Anonymous said...

Good....send him over there.
Maybe some cannibals will eat him
(and I don't mean oral sex)!