Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The death of Fresh Meadows?

Catherine Almon has lived on 166th St. in Fresh Meadows all her life. Her parents bought the wood frame Cape Cod-style house two years before she was born.

"All those years, it has been such a wonderful place to live," said Almon, 56. "Now, I am worried."

She and her neighbors along 166th St., between Metcalf and Lithonia Aves., are none too happy about a new arrival at 49-23 - a house that dwarfs the others on the block.

But instead of just wringing their hands, these neighbors launched an unusually organized campaign to make sure the house conformed to local zoning.

Residents fight to stop McMansion, say it will kill Fresh Meadows

Jim Ford, who has lived on 166th St. for 28 years, said he's worried about the future of the neighborhood.

"Since the stop-work [order] was lifted they have been working like crazy," Ford said. "What is going to happen is they are going to build to a point where the city will say 'What the heck. The house is finished so we will not have them tear it down.' "

Almon also fears the trend toward bigger houses will destroy the area's cozy feel. "When that happens," she said, "this neighborhood as we know it will die."

Jim is smart. That's exactly what will happen. Pay a few hundred dollars and you can keep your out-of-scale house. That's how we do things in NYC, NY, USA. Looks like they tried the old "ALT 1" ruse here but built a new house instead.


italian girl said...

It definitely sucks to see a house built in your neighborhood that's out-of-scale. But at least it's a one-family and not a multi-family. They won't be dealing with parking problems on this block. The house will just stand out until the next new owner on the block tears down his house and does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The blonde is HOT!!!

italian girl said...

Why is it when regular homeowners want to build additions they are given such a hassle by the DOB and are made to conform to building codes to the inch? Rules don't seem to apply to new construction. How is it that a builder can apply for an alteration and actually put a new building instead? I hope these neighbors give him a really hard time.
I just don't get it. When I moved into my neighborhood, I didn't want to piss off all of my neighbors. I wanted them to like me! Nobody cares anymore. Is it the people that are changing or the attitudes?

who don't like pizza said...

Are the Bukabarbarians invading Fresh Meadows too? They've just about destroyed Forest Hills north of Queens Boulevard and I guess that's not enough for them.

Anonymous said...

It may not be a legal multi-family but they will most likely pack as many grandparents, aunt, uncles, kids, grandkids, cousins, etc... as they can in there.

Anonymous said...

who don't like pizza said Are the Bukabarbarians invading Fresh Meadows too? You got it right - BARBARIANS. Forest Hills? Take a good look at Jamaica Estates. If you are Bukkharian, you can build whatever you want - they own the DOB and the rest of the City. Joe Schmoe can't even add a legal addition without a problem.

They can fight all they want - unfortunately, they will not win - when these people decide they want a neighborhood, they simply take it, and there is no one in power who will stop them.

Anonymous said...

if these bukharians are so rich, why don't they invade the wealthier areas of nassau county like plandome or sands point?

Anonymous said...

Zoning requirements there prohibit hideous shitpiles, that's why.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but i've seen a few "castles" already built over there. the big difference between here and there, is there they HUGE lots. why won't these bukharians just move into one of those?

Anonymous said...

Go and take a look at Great Neck where Iranian Jews have established their beach head!

It'll be transformed into "Ugly-ville" soon!

Anonymous said...

So those heavy handed Bukharian sheepherders from the eastern steppes now bring their low class taste in a descent upon the sleepy unsuspecting little village of Fresh Meadows.

Usbekskie/Russkie/mobskie maybe....
better off for Queens when they were under the thumbs of the Soviets.

Now these tribes are turned loose upon the landscape but at least
they left their sheep at home.

As "Balkie", a character in
a TV sitcom once said,
"They foul our wells and
date our chickens".

Sound like an accurate description of these nouveau riche country clods to me.

Anonymous said...

When I walk around the neighborhood, the feeling just isn't the same. It used to give me this feeling of coziness but now I feel like we're just concerned about supersizing everything. Make that house bigger, make that house more exquisite. We're losing sense of what really matters and that's family.

jessica said...

you guys have GOT to be kidding me right?
first of all, its BUKHARIANS. get that straight.
second of all, the neighborhoods have NO taste to it what so ever, until we started coming in and teaching you a thing or two about style.
third of all, it seems as if "anonymous" is pretty jealous.
and everyone who agrees with him/her.that you guy will spend your time to have this conversation. and
the fact that we're pretty high up on the DOB and that officials don't really get to us contradicts your theory of us being sheperds.
peace out cub-scout:]