Friday, August 15, 2008

Dan's not saying

Ever since he left the city for Bloomberg LP in January, there's a fair bit of chatter among government and real estate types about former Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff's continued role in the Bloomberg administration—just how much does he say to current city officials, and what is he saying?

The answer to those questions, it turns out, is not public information.

What's Doctoroff Saying to City? It's a Secret

...the city's counsel has denied our FOIL request, saying that every e-mail we requested (between Mr. Doctoroff and Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, and a set of other city officials) has been withheld under one of two exemptions: the e-mails represent an invasion of privacy, or are "inter-agency and intra-agency materials."


Anonymous said...

Der Mayor and his henchmen don't want us to know the truth!

A Flash for you folks:

Between the two "B"s
(Bloomberg & Bush), we no longer live in a republic.

Moving to Russia is looking better every day!

Kevin Cheekey said...

Mike, why can't I have a fluff corporate job like Dan?

I worked so hard on your failed presidential campaign on taxpayer dime, and now you put me in charge of extending term limits to keep us employed. I want a promotion.

Thank god we can evade this FOIL shit. We'd probably all in jail.

Anonymous said...

FOIA request, not FOIL, lol. (Freedom of Information Act.)

Anonymous said...

I believe its Freedom of Information Law.

It could be that both are accurate.