Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boat graveyard to get cleanup

Standing on the boat ramp of a derelict Brooklyn boatyard, Weiner called for a federal aid package to help dredge an estimated 230 abandoned vessels from Jamaica Bay and other waterways nationwide.

Rep. Anthony Weiner calls for federal funds to clean up Jamaica Bay

"We're never going to be able to scour the waterways to get every single abandoned boat out," said Weiner, who called for federal grant money to help subsidize a volunteer-led clean-up just off Floyd Bennett Field. "But we have to ensure the ones that impose an environmental hazard are taken out first."

Since May, 48 barnacle-ravaged boats have been removed from the polluted waterway by volunteer tow companies, while as many as 180 more vessels are expected to be hoisted onto land in the coming months, a Weiner spokesman said.

Working with the Department of Environmental Conservation and the National Park Service, Weiner recommended creating a $25 million grant to help cities and states remove thousands of toxic abandoned boats from U.S. waterways.


Anonymous said...

They may be doing more harm then good if they are pulling them up at random---referring to sunken hulls.

Most those old (sunken) hulls are wood, stainless steel and fiberglass. All the oil is long gone and they are homes to many types of shellfish, octopus, horseshoe crabs that have already been severely harassed and hunted by the Paki's and Hindu's in that area.

30 years of dumping and now some politition is suddenly a marine biologist 3 months from November ?

Anonymous said...

First of all, learn how to spell politician.
Second of all, why are you so negative?
The man is trying to do something good. Leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Oh and here I thought he was just trying to get himself elected.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well Maltese is trying to get himself elected and I dont see him doing anything good with his power. Do you?