Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blast victims' possessions are MIA

Flushing residents whose homes were looted after a July 25 gas explosion forced them to evacuate their building are still pressing for answers about the blast and the thefts.

"We haven't recovered anything," said Bellanira Sanchez, 49, a tenant who said her jewelry collection has disappeared.

Police officers guarded the front entrance of 147-25 Sanford Ave. in the days after the explosion and fire, but valuables still went missing from several apartments, tenants said.

Flushing tenants want answers about gas explosion and looting

FDNY spokesman Jim Long said the blast was still "an active, open investigation" but refused to comment about the theft complaints.

Tenants said even the status of their police reports seemed uncertain. When Sanchez requested a copy of a report she filed, she said the 109th Precinct could not find it.


Anonymous said...

Police guarding the building after the FDNY were already inside looting was not going to be a deterrent.

Anonymous said...

Hey its Con Ed's fault. Lets have Con Ed give a big payout and raise our rates.

Anonymous said...

seems them tall boots carry lotsa cargo....

Truckie said...

How dare you accuse FDNY firemen of stealing...As though their jobs aren't tough enough, you now call them theifs and looters. As though it would be worth it to put their jobs and families on the line in order to steal from homeless blast victims. Why even run into a burning building to risk your life for some lousy knick knacks. It's a higher calling and I'd like to see you anonymous creeps do their job for even one hour.

Anonymous said...

the firemen stole all that stuff!

Didn't anybody see
"The Gangs of New York"?

No wonder the FDNY in't conducting their own investigation!

These aren't "heroes" just common thieves!

Anonymous said...

My uncle was a "firefighter".

His house was filled with stuff he "liberated" while on the job!

He left me a pair of those kind of cuff links.

Anonymous said...

Gene Kelty's ears must be burning!