Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why you shouldn't smoke pot

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg called in to his weekly radio show Friday from a media conference out West, he could hardly contain his excitement as he described the beautiful mountains and weather out in “Salt Lake City, Idaho.”

NYC mayor loses himself in Idaho -- or is it Utah?

The problem, of course, is that there is no such place. Bloomberg was in Sun Valley, Idaho — and Salt Lake City is 300 miles away and in a different state. Surprisingly, his verbal error didn't mix up Idaho with Iowa, as some non-Idahoans are apt to do.

One might blame the high altitude for fuzzing Bloomberg’s brain, but his tongue trip in the mountains was not an isolated incident. It was just the latest on a long list of mayoral malapropisms that the Harvard-educated billionaire has coughed up during his six years in office, tormenting his staff and entertaining various observers and the City Hall press corps.


Taxpayer said...

Have you ever caught this moron appearing on "Access Mayor"?

He cannot speak extemporaneously, when he reads from the papers prepared by his staff, he repeatedly stumbles on words.

He has a mirthless crooked smile for the underlings, and his suck-up smile for those he views as VIPs.

He has now learned to stay off-camera if he's not the speaker, but, once in a while he can be seen reading his notes, looking towards the sky or ceiling, and otherwise paying no attention at all to the person who is speaking unless that person needs sucking up.

All in all, he's humorless, without any self control or social skills, and utterly stupid.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think bloomie is losing it.

Anonymous said...

>>>Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are among his victims — Nickels once became “Nettles”<<<

Well, "Greg Nickels" does sound like Graig Nettles.

Bloomy was a Red Sox fan and no doubt, Nettles has often tormented him.

Anonymous said...

Mike is a Bloomin' billionaire idiot.

Anonymous said...

Jerk was on TV last night talking about the Bon Jovi concert and how it was like Simon and Gar"fink"el

He so fulla sh*t, how did this gut become a billionare I have no idea.
Bloomie isnt even fit for the Jerry Lewis telethon

American said...

A lot more than drugs are at work in his system. A real American, even if they were high, could not justify outright theft of land from business owners. Bloomberg's got to have a lot of 'red' blood in his veins to support such a Stalinist plan.

God bless America. Fuck Bloomberg.