Thursday, July 17, 2008

Squee-gee men making a comeback

This was a surprise. While driving into Manhattan today around 11:30 a.m., I encountered something that I thought was long extinct from our streets: A squeegee man.

Someone tell Rudy: Squeegee men are back

He was the first "squeegee man" I've seen since Rudy Giuliani and former police commissioner declared war on the windshield washers in 1992.

Photo by Runs With Scissors on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Just wait until you see some
former Wall Street honchos selling apples on a street corner.

That'll be making a comeback too.

The financial recession/depression, which is being fueled by the sub prime mortgage debacle, hasn't hit full steam yet.
(Give it a year or two)!

"Brother can you spare five bucks" (in keeping up with the rate of inflation since Yip Harburg first penned those memorable lyrics)!

Wade Nichols said...

It makes sense, considering how the 1970's are also making a comeback in the form of: high oil prices, high inflation, and the return of Jimmy Carter, except this time he has a tan and goes by the name of Baroque Hussein O'Blarney.

Welcome back squeegee men! Be kind to my Prius!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure beats collecting cans!

Taxpayer said...

Nothing better than spit on your windshield.

Perhaps it's even better when the spitter has some communicable disease.

We have to thank the compassion of Commissar Death and Taxes for his obsession with inviting every sick illegal alien to this sanctuary city. Oh, and thank him that our hard earned income is set aside to pay for all their needs, even up to when they commit a crime against taxpayers and need a lawyer to be paid by the taxpaying victims.

But, look at this. Your windshield is clean, though loaded with bacteria. Well, not really clean, since spit isn't exactly Windex.

Anonymous said...

I admire their entrepreneurial spirit.

It beats sitting in the bar complaining all day.

Wade Nichols said...

It beats sitting in the bar complaining all day.

No, I much prefer sitting here in the bar all day and complaining!

Hey Archie!!! Hey....Hey Bunker!!!

Pass me another Budweiser!!

A Better NYC said...

"I admire their entrepreneurial spirit."

Are you kidding me?!?!?

Squee-gee men are basically one step from being theives.

After they "clean" your windshied they basically threaten you until you pay them.

It's called extortion.

Thomas the Train said...

You're in a 2 ton vehicle. The squeegie guy is a strung out junkie weighing no more than 120 pounds when wet.

A bettery nyc, do you really feel so threatened by these people? Grow a pair of balls.

Just yell out "get the f*ck away from the vehicle!" in a voice of authority, and they always move on.

Grow a pair of balls and find your manhood. You'll feel better overall afterwards.

A Better NYC said...

Hey Thomas Choo-choo...

Yeah...that's a brilliant solution.

Now I have a confrontation on my hands with a homless junkie.

What happens when I take you advice and yell at Mr. Squee-gee and he just really gets pissed off and decides not to move at all.

Let me guess that your response is going to be to "Run him over"!!!

Don't kid yourself.

Please keep in mind these people aren't model citizens. They are homeless bums who have nothing to lose by putting their first through your car window.

Salvatore said...

Oh man! I noticed this too! I was driving down the west side hwy last week and bam! I saw about 3 of them in the 40's. Has any1 seen them around the 59th street bridge??

Anonymous said...

Don't bother calling the police. The ACLU has worked their magic yet again in the courts. Now the cops can't do anything about the squeegee men.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has the skills, education, or connections, to land a good job, so they hustle by selling bootleg bags, videos, sqeegee, etc. At least they're not pushing dope!