Friday, July 18, 2008

Only in LIC: Buy a bed and ice skate in the same place!

From Gothamist:

A developer will break ground Thursday on what will be the city’s only rooftop ice rink (the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink is on the second floor, not the roof, and it’s been a while since skaters frolicked on the old Madison Square Garden roof rink.)

Located in Long Island City, the City Ice Pavilion will feature an NHL size ice rink that will be open during the winter under a Yeadon air dome, the self-proclaimed “industry leader in air supported structures.” That's right, nothing but the best for LIC.

Rooftop Skating Comes to Long Island City


Taxpayer said...

Leave off the last "S" for Skating!

georgetheatheist said...

Lindsay wuz right. It's truly "Fun City" now. Oh-ha-ha-ha-ha...wheeeee!

Anonymous said...

hey maybe they should build some supermarkets so that residents can buy food the old fashioned way and not have to rely on fresh direct.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually looking forward to it, however, I wonder if my family and me (lifelong residents of LIC, also known as the Archie Bunkers to some on this blog) will be allowed to skate among the new LIC regime.