Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obnoxious movie star wants Weiner

Hey, Ben Affleck is supporting Anthony Weiner. Which gives me even more reason not to. Although I will readily admit I enjoy reading his criticism of Bloomberg and his "lapdog press corps".


Anonymous said...

NY Sun is also in love with this jerk Weiner. They do two stories on him today, an dumb interview and a spin that he says the federal government should pay for city employees off to war. Hey Anthony if the federal government pays for city employees all over the nation at war our taxes go up. In the other story the dumb reporter lets him say he is against pac money and won't accept any when he runs for mayor, but he accepts pac money in his congressional position, when he has not had a primary since he was elected. In fact last year he did not even have a republican opponent.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Wycoff Hieights hospital, raised in Ridgewood and now reside in Glendale.
I cannot imagine a better man to assume the post as Mayor of New York City in January of 2010 then Congressman Anthony Weiner - a true fighter for the middle class and the outer boroughs.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone name one thing Weiner has accomplish except run with his buddy Schumer to be interview by reporters every chance they get?

Anonymous said...

Weiner is a fake

"Rep. Anthony Weiner has sworn off special interest money for his mayoral campaign next year - but he's raking it in for his congressional reelection bid this fall, federal records show.
The Queens Democrat collected $42,500 from unions and political action committees in the last filing period even as he has spurned their cash in the city race, saying, "We need to restore faith in transparency."
Political experts aren't buying the policy." Daily News, June 22, 2008

Anonymous said...

The Daily News....well thats a reputable paper.

Reporter said...

Mayoral Hopeful, an Earmark Critic, Has His Own
"There is no doubt that Anthony D. Weiner wants to be mayor of New York. And there is no doubt, to that end, that he has seen an opening to wound a rival: criticizing Christine C. Quinn and the City Council he once was a member of for doling out money to favored groups in their districts.
“We should get rid of earmarks altogether, get rid of these member items altogether,” Mr. Weiner said last week, saying such a move would “restore public confidence” in government.
Of course, as a congressman, Mr. Weiner has his own earmarked funds to spread around his." New York Times May 17, 2008