Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kosciuszko Bridge replacement now delayed by feds

State officials plan to spend $630 million to demolish the traffic-choked Kosciuszko Bridge and replace it with two parallel spans, beginning in 2011, the Daily News has learned.

But the long-awaited project, already delayed six months by a squabble between state agencies, has been snagged by another bureaucratic roadblock - a maddening case of dej√° vu for property owners affected by the plan.

The project has been delayed at least two more months by federal highway regulations, which the state Department of Transportation had originally thought would not come into play, officials confirmed.

Before the DOT can move ahead with the project, the feds must review its price tag and schedule, said DOT spokesman Adam Levine.

Kosciuszko Bridge replacement project hit with another lengthy delay

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I'm Watching said...

I can see this project going years over deadline and BILLIONS over budget (resulting in some sort of tax for the working stiffs)

Then in the end, it will be undersized and choked with traffic and no better than the one it replaced.

Welcome to NY!