Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Impact of lost Queens fireworks view

As it’s been noted, the prime Queens fireworks waterfront viewing spots were rendered useless on Friday, since Macy’s moved the barge further downtown towards the Brooklyn Bridge for what seems to be controversial reasons.

Macy's jilts the Queens waterfront out of the usual fireworks display

...LIC spends a whole week preparing for this one day of the year where the neighborhood gets flooded with people. For many LIC businesses, the 4th of July is the single highest grossing day of the year. Since we’re not a bustling shopping hub, Christmas-time tends to deplete the neighborhood, instead of boost business. So all LIC really has right now is the fireworks. For this reason alone, we’re giving this topic some attention, as it’s unknown if the barges will return to their old spots.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you and your neighbors, your building boards, and your wealthy real estate developer partners who marketed the hell out of LIC for their own benefit pony up your own money and you can enjoy your very own private fireworks show next year? You can even get a permit and block off the waterfront for yourselves, which is something I bet many of you are itching to do anyway.

If it took this issue to wake you up to "corporate shenanigans" in this city, then you really need to open your eyes and look around. Listening to a bunch of adults cry, moan, and shake their fists about a free fireworks show -- FIREWORKS --is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to NYC dimwits.

Once the area is filled with buildings the city will stop watering the trees and they will die, tear up your lovely new sidewalks and have a Queens contractor 'patch em' and do streetwork and mar the lines on your lovely new bike lanes.

When the fellow down the hall sells his apartment, and something shadowy named E B Petrovich & Assoc LLC buys it and becomes your neighbor, then fills it with six 'students' you might start to really get the picture of future life in Queens and the fate of your investment.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the 'students' start cooking ratburgers and fills the halls with smells found in Elmhurst buildings.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell the dining mavens at Astorians.com.

They will start a taco building crawl.

Anonymous said...

I went down to Hunters Point to hand out literature during the Fourth.

What a bunch of stuckup assholes.

Our waterfront was taken away from us for them and our taxes used to provide them services?

Watch out Astoria.

You are next.

Anonymous said...

This will never happen in Astoria. Their too afraid of us!