Sunday, July 20, 2008

History of Queens Borough Hall

A six-paragraph article from the Queens Gazette - The first 2 paragraphs focus on the current rat-infested bastion of tweeding and the last 4 are about our original borough hall, the Hackett Building, which was foolishly torn down for yet another sterile condo project. Oh well, who needs history when you live in the most vibrant, diverse county in the country and have a population that is just here for the time being?

Queens Borough Hall Has Long History


Anonymous said...

So according to the Landmarks Commission, all because of a storefront alteration or two, Queens' 1st Borough Hall, the Hackett Bldg, is not eligible and has to fall victim to the wrecking ball.... What a defiance of the Landmarks Law! Thank you, Queens Gazette, for continuing to keep both history and hostile politics in the limelight!

Anonymous said...

The problem here is the newspaper just takes whatever is told to them at face value.

God forbid they would do this for an anti-machine community activist.

They would wonder how anyone could be anti-machine, and, with this firm conclusion, justify not writing a thing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Queens Gazette, for continuing to keep ... hostile politics in the limelight!

what the hell have you been smokin?

Never had to work with Tuscano have you?

Anonymous said...

We probably have the ugliest Borough Hall among the boroughs. However, it's still better than having a glass-and-steel box that is in vogue among today's architects.

Anonymous said...

Queens Borough Hall is a civic site of classic modernism or simplistic elegance.