Saturday, July 12, 2008

Graffiti is blighting Queens

At about every block along Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park, their names are there, courtesy of a marker or a can of spray paint. Whatever the medium, graffiti has been a constant concern and nuisance to many Queens residents.

Tag! Hooligans graffiti Ozone Park

Graffiti has been an issue in the City of New York since the 1970s, when people would scribble their names on subway cars, platforms and other surfaces.

About $30,000 to $50,000 of the city budget has been dedicated to cleaning graffiti in Queens in recent fiscal years, according to Councilmember Joseph Addabbo. However, the process of cleaning the wall writing could take at least a few months, and the mess left there causes urban decay, residents say.


Anonymous said...

I noticed graffiti is every again.
What happened?

Taxpayer said...

Ignore graffiti at your peril.

It blights the neighborhood.

Commissar Death and Taxes has eliminated more than 5500 police. So, there is no priority to patrol for graffiti vandalism.

Just as Willets Point was willfully neglected for more than 30 years, and is now claimed to be "blighted" so Commissar D&T can plunder that property for his wealthy developer cronies, your "blighted" neighborhood can be seized for his cronies as well.

To Commissar D&T, that's all it takes. First, have the responsible agencies neglect their duty, permitting blight. Then, when the blight is out of control, use it as the excuse to convert a neighborhood into condos, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Naturally, you will have no say in the process of stealing your home.

Take the time you have now to prevent the theft. Commissar D&T and his cronies are planning nonstop to take your property; what are your plans to stop them?

Anonymous said...

Look all this convolunted laws that get Vallone press, and nothing done.

You need to go after the building owner, particularly the absentee landlord.

Until you do that, nothing will happen.


CJ said...

This looks like the old Lefferts Movie Theater. I spent many happy Saturdays there. Sad