Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Forest Hills gets Huanged!

The AJ's sale is closed, thanks to HowieMandel over on Queens Central for the tip. Looks like Sal is taking a permanent vacation and we can let the speculation begin.

About the buyer. Pay attention, this gets confusing and boring:

The company is listed as Broadway Enterprises at 36-09 Main St. Flushing, Suite 3A.

According to this document, 36-09 Main St. Suite 3A is occupied by a developer named Henry Huang.

Does It Mean A Thing If It Has Got That Huang?

Stop right there! Do you know who this is?


Anonymous said...

The Huangs are headed your way.

Public Record

NYC Acris records indicate that Broadway Enterprises spent within the past few months (in round numbers) $20 million dollars (possibly, cash - no apparent mortgages listed) to purchase a few pieces of real estate in Forest Hills, Ridgewood and other locations of Queens County. Alice Huang is shown on some of the documents as V.P.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they seem to be untouchable. You can only imagine what else that kind of wealth can buy.

Anonymous said...

When the landmarked RKO Keith's Flushing theater was bought by Tommy Huang in 1986 (at the behest of Donald Manes it's been said), it was shortly thereafter flipped to the "Henry & John Associates.

Henry and John are his two sons (well grown up by now).

He also has a daughter, Tiffany and his wife Alice (Liu) Huang complete the immediate family tree.

Alice Liu Huang is a cousin of Councilman John Liu.

No wonder Tommy "the terrible" Huang and/or family
can still get away with anything short of murder.

Anonymous said...

Look out....Tommy is going to wind up buying the Ridgewood Theater...Mr. Perlman & Co....and do with it as he did to the Keith's!

Anonymous said...

It was often said that Huang had a "back door" into city hall and owned quite a few judges!

Money can buy a lot!

Anonymous said...

Keep a sharp eye on this jailbird!

He's the "energizer bunny" of crooks!

He keeps on going and going; and going !

Anonymous said...

Perlman & Co. ought to stick to saving Manhattan diners.

Their track record with saving theaters (i.e. Trylon) is abysmal.

Anonymous said...

Henry and John are actively involved in the family's development projects. Henry is the oldest (probably not 30 yet) and John appears to be in his early 20's. These apples don't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

thanks anon #3 for the lowdown.

Anonymous said...

The Huang family dynasty will continue to rain bad (apple) seeds upon the fertile NYC real estate earth until some honest judge has the gumption to stop them!

Wait until #1 & #2 sons Henry and John produce their spawn!