Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eduwonkette saves the day

Told that her child could not enroll at the local public school, a concerned mother this spring sent a frantic e-mail message to a person she hoped could help. Days later, her child had a spot and the problem was solved.

An Anonymous Education Blogger Becomes Thorn in City's Side

Her hero was not the Department of Education, the school principal, or an elected official: It was Eduwonkette, an anonymous academic researcher who for the past year has been writing a Web log about education news and research. She identifies herself only with an image of a masked lady superhero.

It was perhaps a sign of the blog's rising prominence that the mother said all she needed to solve her enrollment crisis was to threaten the principal and a city school official with a leak to Eduwonkette.

Win one for anonymous blogging.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but not in preservation!

You have to be from the RIGHT neighborhood or say the RIGHT things for people to accept you seriously.

Queens Crapper said...

I guess I lose on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for "Johnny Mosquito", the super hero of all us little guys (and girls) to make his official debut!

He's been heard buzzing around
"Queens Crap" frequently and giving "hizzoner" & Co. a royal pain in the ass, not to mention many a sleepless night!

Just like the U.S. Navy's WW II "Seabee" mascot (bumblebee with a sharp stinger)this determined little proletarian champion of democracy micro insect
never gives up!

Anyone for creating our little "Johnny" cartoon character?

Taxpayer said...

Anonymity is what helps prevent the bodily harm many would inflict on us if our identities were known.

But, the last paragraph: "Other people who have guest-blogged include the researcher Michael Klonsky; the founder of the left-wing activist group the Weather Underground, William Ayers, who is now a professor of education at the University of Illinois, and the Manhattan Institute scholar Sol Stern, who posted a rebuttal to Mr. Ayers's writing"' was enough for me.

William Ayers, a terrorist and mad bomber, has no say in civilized society.

So, if Eduwonk offers him an outlet, I know that her Blog is uncivilized.

Trouble is, since he's a superhero to the far-leftists (Commissar Death and Taxes included), they cannot and will not fault her for associating with Ayers. In the far left's twisted PC, honesty is never an option. Even the author of the article was too dishonest to correctly identify Ayers, instead indicating he is a professor of education ....