Sunday, July 20, 2008

DA: NYC Apartment Fraud Targeted Immigrants

NEW YORK (AP) -- A Bronx man who claimed to be an apartment rental agent has been accused of defrauding immigrant families who needed housing.

Johnny Mateo pleaded not guilty Friday to larceny and fraud charges. He is being held without bail until a court date Wednesday.

Manhattan prosecutors say the 43-year-old Mateo bilked six families out of fees ranging from $1,900 to $4,800. Most victims were Mexican or Dominican.

Prosecutors say Mateo sometimes took money from more than one family for the same apartment and promised multiple clients the same move-in time. They say he gave clients excuses when they asked about promised apartments.

Prosecutors say Mateo fled to Houston, but was arrested after a traffic accident there and brought to New York.


Anonymous said...

One of the dirty little secrets in the immigrant community: they face more grief from their own countrymen than Archie Bunkers - but we cannot say that.

Oh no.

Joe said...

Immigrant families who needed housing ?
Read around the PC press crap'ola thats been done t this story at the editing desk.

How about CRIMINALS who cant contol theselves, piss on our laws to come here to have babys and knock up our teenage kids.
There is no such thing as an "Illegel Immigrint" they are ALL CRIMINALS that dont belong here.
... F-em all

Chris R. said...

"One of the dirty little secrets in the immigrant community: they face more grief from their own countrymen than Archie Bunkers - but we cannot say that."

When one of their "countymen" scams an immigrant, he may lose a few thousand dollars. When an Archie Bunker scams an immigrant, or for that matter, many other "Americans", we have things like the subprime mortgage crisis where people lose their homes, or Enron, where people lose their entire future.

Anonymous said...

No, you missed the point entirely. People always complain that Archie Bunker Queens doesn't welcome these immigrants with open arms as if that's the worst thing that's happening to them. Their own people are doing much worse to them than whitey is. Just look at the Indonesian woman who enslaved her maids out in Muttontown.

Anonymous said...

No one complains about "Archie Bunkers" except for the "Archie Bunkers" themselves.

The "Archie Bunkers", like the good little pets they are, easily get riled up by articles in the NY Post, usually by writers who come from the very same neighborhoods that the "Archie Bunkers" come from.

Anonymous said...

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