Thursday, July 3, 2008

Construction fence turned into art exhibit

Even with the cooling economy, there are a couple of things that New York City still has in abundance these days: artists and acres of condominium construction sites surrounded by wooden walls. On a recent night in Long Island City, Queens, the first found a mutually beneficial use for the second, called it a gallery and held an opening, with Cheez Doodles standing in for canap├ęs.

The name of the makeshift and, in this case, legal street art space might sound a little awkward: Gallerie Pulaski. But it is honest. The exhibition of work by more than 20 artists, most of them graffitists in good standing, has taken shape on the scaffolding-shaded plywood walls around a rising condo, just yards away from the busy ramps to the Pulaski Bridge spanning Newtown Creek.

Construction Zone: Beware of Audacious Art

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