Friday, July 11, 2008

City looks to dump tweeded labor unions

The use of nonunion labor for the construction of "affordable" housing could serve as a remedy to the skyrocketing construction costs that are slowing development in New York City, the Manhattan Institute says.

Report Urges Nonunion Labor Use

In a 40-page report examining the reasons for soaring construction costs, which have been rising 10% annually, the think tank says efforts by construction unions to impose a "prevailing wage" at affordable housing construction sites result in "further costs by requiring developers to prove that they are in compliance with the law."

A spokeswoman for the city's Economic Development Corp., Janel Patterson, said: "The city is engaged in a study looking at the escalating costs of construction, and analyzing a broad set of potential cost drivers. We are working now to develop actionable strategies moving forward."

Well, now there's a non-committed answer. The Manhattan Institute is the think tank behind major NYC policy since the Giuliani Administration. Now aren't you union bosses glad you guys stabbed your brothers in the back and selfishly supported un-American eminent domain activities at Willets Point and Atlantic Yards? Our sanctuary city now has no choice but to go cheapo and hire illegals or else these projects won't get built. Great job.


Taxpayer said...

Commissar Death and Taxes just gave those unions the finger (a very delicate, refined, manicured finger, too).

And the freshly fingered unions will pass that finger right along to current members as they "agree" to permit illegal aliens to get the construction jobs.

Yes, they too, will ride that gravy train of payoffs to screw the members. Never fear for the future of the union "leaders"; like Brian McLaughlin, they will see to it that their own future is taken care of.

And, taxpayers, we will pay for this "savings" too. That's what our purpose is - to care for the interests of the corrupters.

Liman said...

Whoa, Crappy! Slow down, Taxpayer. You both seem to think that if a job is non-union, it's full of "illegals."

This is just not true. It is true that there are fewer illegals in the Trades, but it's also hard to find any blacks, latinos, or women in a lot of trades. Forget the window dressing in David Wright's ads. Ask the minority community if they get a fair shake from the Trades.

The Institute's report is dead on. The cost of union labor is unbelievable. Consider the prevailing wage laws - which dictate union rates must be paid on any public jobs - they illustrate the point.

In NYC public works, a carpenter must be paid $44.54 an hour, plus "benefits" of $34.56 an hour (that's $79.10 an hour). There's also work rules which minimize workers' output - means the job takes longer - at $79.10 an hour. These are the union rates.

I've known contractors who say they could still do the job cheaper despite paying these rates if they didn't have to deal with the labor-increasing, work-limiting union rules.

The Institute is simply reporting a fact of life in NYC: unions muscle developers into accepting their demands (at the risk of strike stopping everything). Non-union work is just as good and far less expensive.

Taxpayer, it's the unions that have been giving YOU the finger

Anonymous said...

Liman got it right!
The unions have forced construction costs in NYC to the absurd. Just remember that $79 per hour IS ALWAYS passed on to John Q. Public-ALWAYS, in some form or another.All construction costs in NYC are virtually the highest in the country. This corrupt union system has dramatically weakened our car manufacturers, our iron and steel manufacturers and will kill the construction industry as we know it. All the illegals, let 'em work construction and you'll see how well they do. And they will be TONS cheaper than some dummy splicing 2 wires together making $79 an hour.

Taxpayer said...

Well, Liman, can you identify the number of illegals who join construction unions and pay dues?

Unions are a mechanism for the lowly grunt worker to combine forces to negotiate for decent wages and working conditions.

The fact that over the years, corrupt politicians have latched onto unions for their own electoral advantage does not diminish the legitimacy of unions a single iota.

Acquaint yourself with the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Any worker joining a union is simply exercising his rights under the First Amendment.

A corporation happens to have the same rights.

A single employee, with whatever talent has no chance when negotiating with a corporation; the same employee, in a union, has somewhat equalized the power.

So, if the worker can get any amount per hour, great!

Or, do you believe that lawyers and doctors, engineers, or CEOs of companies such as Bloomberg, LLC should have wages down to $2 or $3 per hour so contractors can make more profit?

Would you work hard and loyally in dangerous jobs for that money?

Should Illegal aliens be permitted to scab union jobs so that contractors can increase profits?

Can you name any contractor who, once able to pay extremely low wages to say, illegal aliens, passes on the savings to the customer?

Do you want an illegal alien rewiring your home, or, would you prefer a licensed electrician?

Long live the unions. Long live the corporations. Long Live the First Amendment.

Or, do you prefer that an unfettered government be in charge of everything?