Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brooklyn church to be converted to housing

In Brooklyn, cool-looking churches are landmarked and protected from alteration, no matter what their future use.

Salvation for Sale

In Queens, well, we know the story.

Photo from Bridge and Tunnel Club


CJ said...

Brooklyn, once called "The City of Churches". Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

XskweezMe said...

Saint Elias was the church my parents were apart of for many years. They were heart broken when the church was sold. And to see it used other then a house of worship is a sad. A waste. I remember going up into the bell tower seeing the names on the wall of the bell ringers for Easter Masses from Late 1800's. History..
Stanisław Franciszek Musiał's (Stan Musial) wife was a member of the church. One Sunday Bishop Sheehan came to celebrate mass. The same day the St Cardinals had a game. Stan Musial and 4 other players from the Cardinals came to the mass. The town news paper wrote," Staint Elias Church had a vist from 1 Bishop and 5 Cardinals." Ahh history soon will be lost.