Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big unemployment jump in Queens

Workers, hold onto your hats – the stiff breeze of unemployment is beginning to blow.

And the unemployment rate is growing throughout New York City, most severely in Queens.

Queens Sees Jump In Unemployment Rate

The national jobless rate jumped to 5.2 percent in May, up from 4.8 percent in April, as employers shed jobs in many sectors and the economy continues to slump. The national unemployment rate has grown considerably over the last year, standing at 4.3 percent last May.

In Queens, the overall number of unemployed workers grew only slightly over the last year, but saw a sharp 3.7 percent rise between May and April of 2008, the largest such increase in any of the five boroughs.

The unemployment rate in Queens rose in the same period by 0.3 percent, which may seem tiny, but over a year could lead to a significant rise in the number of jobless workers. If this trend continues near the current rate, the county could see more than 3 percent growth in unemployment over the calendar year.


-Joe said...

Kill all the bankers & Wall street crooks for causing this.
The Scull&Bones mob has really done it this time

Arm up, stock up on canned food when the shit hits the fan mobs are going to come looking for food and and drugs.
...Remember New Orleans wher you had 20,000 drug addicts on a "jones" looking for anything to "take the edge off"

Get your $$ out of any out of state or risky banks. The FDIC does not have enough money for whats going to hit. 2:-The goverment is already letting banks hold and use your cleared out of state deposits $$ 10 days interest free when it only takes a bank issued check hours to clear under check 21

Its gonna be BAD REAL BAD

middle village renter said...

if you are surprised by any of the current economic conditions we are currently experiencing you have had your head up your arse for quite some time

i have to go get ready for my 2nd job

it is all about being prepared

no debt-
ample savings-

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, there's quite a few job opportunities at the City Planning Commission.

Maybe we could infiltrate their offices and finally get the rezonings Queens needs.

Hey, you may get to work with the Mighty John Young!

georgetheatheist said...

Well, there's always Meals on Wheels.

Anonymous said...

When things go bad, you start to let go of 'staff.'

Queens, were the bosses used to live, still built actively in the 1930s.

Now, its were the underlings have been pushed to. So things go downhill for them. Off the rock, out of sight, and if anyone wants to know what is going on (for God knows what reason) they can always call boro hall and get soothing words.

The locals are happy in their little diversity zoo you will hear.

Anonymous said...

A great opportunit to tweed with food hand outs.

You can win a generation of votes with a few bags of cornmeal.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are plenty of cans out there to collect.

Wade Nichols said...

Wait a minute!

Back in April, the NY Times told us:

"wages rose faster in Queens than in all but one other county in the country last year
Queens was the only borough where wages rose faster than in Manhattan
The Queens economy is materially different from Manhattan’s
To the extent it’s growing, that gives us a diversification that we don’t typically talk about.

(HA HA HA! Yes, the media NEVER talks about diversification!)

growth in Queens was also supported by enterprises started by immigrants from Korea, Bangladesh and other places.

So the NY Times in April tells us "Archie Bunkers" that the Koreans, Bangladeshis, and airport workers are saving us from economic ruin........
But the Queens Tribune tells us that the economy is in the toilet, and many people in Queens will soon lose their home, car, and won't be able to pay for food.

Which story is correct?

I'm Watching said...

The Times lied to us.