Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At least JH has the vibrant thing going for it

City blocks This week: Roosevelt Avenue between 85th and 86th streets

5 reasons to live here, visit here, or stay away from here

1 Vibrant streets. Jaff Candy sells sodas, and ice cream in front of the shop. “Sometimes we sell more outside,” owner Miah Mohammed said.

2 First-run movies show at the Jackson on 82nd Street. You can then eat on Roosevelt.

3 Shops are varied and plentiful. Fordham senior John Mungioli came for Peruvian maca, which the Incas used for energy and libido. “People congregate here,” he said. (The author thought "People congregate here" was all this guy could say about the area?)

4 Rents aren’t cheap, with a one-bedroom fetching up to $1,200. But there’s good transportation. Manhattan is 20 minutes away.

5 Crime’s dropped 76 percent since 1993. “When I first came 15 years ago, this was a bad neighborhood,” Mohammed said.
(Really, how is it now compared to 5 years ago?)

Funny thing mentioned in this article: Colombians and Ecuadorians have to sell Mexican food to get by! Ever since I saw a man carving unidentified meat on a spit right out on Roosevelt under the el while the trains whizzed by, dislodging debris from the tracks onto the street below, I have made a conscious decision to stay away from dining in this area.


Anonymous said...

Want a real slice of NY - something that ranks right up there with images of pushcarts on Lower East Side or even earlier Five Points?

Drive under the el on Roosevelt Avenue from Flushing to Woodside at night.

A visual assault that spells out 'immigrant slum' in big bold letters. This, more than anything else, captures the true essence of a once proud boro reduced to the bottom scapings of a group of two bit crooks and bums that run it.

I don't care what those tweeding politicans call it - the International Express or whatever.

You can't put lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

"VIBRANT" (gong!), "DIVERSE" (gong!),"BUSTLING" (gong!).

And the bell tolls three....the death knell for a once civilized neighborhood!

Oh but if you can afford to live in the JH historic district....
well, that's another story!

But you still have to walk past all that congestion crap to get to the #7 line.

Only a "20 minute" ride to Manhattan in a sardine can on rails?

That's not my idea of a quality
rush hour commute!

Anonymous said...

What does vibrant mean anyway? It's hard to define, yet I know downtown Flushing, Jamaica, Corona, etc are vibrant, whereas Middle Village and Rockaway Beach are not...

Anonymous said...

I moved to Jackson Heights Historic District in May after being forced out of my 2 bedroom apt. in Stuvesant Town ($997 per month, thank you very much). This neighborhood is clean, safe, and reasonably priced. The commute is 17 minutes on a good day, but I never get a seat. I wish I had moved here a long time ago. Manhattan is overated. Queens is where it is happening now.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan is overated. Queens is where it is happening now.

Ummm ... where do you work - handing out Thalia Theatre flyers in the Red Bird at Boro Hall?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you overheated roaches slamming the nwe americans in JH's and other Queens areas, I grew up in the Hights , I'm in my 50's so I remember way back what things were like,! I been to the JH'S recently and go they pleantly, I am glad the place has a new flavor and its a great place thanks to the NEW folks their today, which is exactly how it looked 50 years ago, with NEW people from other countries newly arived , along with thei likes and dislikes, they work as these do today and rasied they family ! its changed but its the same, and its still a great place. Vinny B.

Anonymous said...

Here's Queens Crap site at its Nativist/No-Nothing best! Today's Jackson Heights like yesterday's Lower East Side. I get the picture. Did you know that what is now JH's Historic District barred Jews from living there? Are those the Good Old Days QC so craves?

Anonymous said...

" Did you know that what is now JH's Historic District barred Jews from living there?"

Totally irrelevant to this post.

Anonymous said...

Forest Hills Gardens' covenants also barred Jews!

What's that got to do with the issues
being discussed here?

Enough with your diversionary tactics!

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous "overheated roaches" poster, your spelling sucks.

Take a remedial class!

Anonymous said...

"Diversionary tactics"? Seems like this website is more and more devoted to anti-immigrant (read non-white, Asian/Latin American)blather with not a little wistfulness for the good ol' Euro immigrant days. Hello, we're not in Iowa!

Queens Crapper said...

Hey, we're in Queens, the most tolerant place on earth. What we're intolerant of is people making excuses for the slumlike qualities of many neighborhoods - pretending that a pile of shit is gold bullion. When we can all admit that it's not, then we can move on to make it a better place. It seems that those who live in these places are allowed to complain about the conditions and ask for help, but when others draw attention to it, it's considered "racist".

Immigrant slums were improved in the past because the people living in them admitted that the conditions there sucked, and Jacob Riis - an immigrant himself - photographed it and published it for all to see. Now I photograph shitty conditions, post them on the Internet, say "the Emporer has no clothes" and that these conditions must change, and certain tweeders say everything is fine, sugarcoat reality with terms like "vibrant" and "diverse", and call me a racist. No, it's not fine. If you can't see the problems in these neighborhoods, then you're either wearing rose-colored glasses or a KKK hood. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

An "old fashioned" immigrant (if you will permit me) aspired to a higher quality of life for his family and dedicated himself to assimilating into American culture while proudly retaining his own.

Why should we have to admire and tolerate the disgusting conditions
that abounded in the early 1900s all over again?

Because your local political "representatives" are tweeding you!

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is for clubhouse pols sucking up to the "great unwashed" for votes
(but they secretly despise the masses)!

Real correctness is the unfettered truth that's often displayed with vivid candor
right here on "Queens Crap".

And if you can't handle the real stuff pal,
we invite you tweeders to log off!

Oh...but you can't can you?
And miss a lively episode...
tsk, tsk!