Friday, July 4, 2008

An Astoria Boulevard ditty

You’re a grand old house
You’re a cute little house
But you soon may be sent to your grave

You're an emblem of
The borough I loved -
Now home to the tweeded and lame.

Ev'ry heart beat true
'Neath the red, white and blue
Now a different flag everyone waves

And since all our history’s being wiped out
Brace yourself now for more Queens Crap.

(with apologies to George M. Cohan)


Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

You can add CB #7 to that list as well.

Joe said...

New Lowest of the low tonight ! Macys pulled the Star-Spangled Banner encore from the fireworks track.
People were booing in Long Island City. It felt like a funeral down by Vernon and Jackson with all the bastardization and green glass buildings. The cops treated the crowd like criminals blocking off acess.



Anonymous said...

July 4th....little but commercial American jingoism at its best.

Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves!

They're the ones who did the dying for all the political pandering that's going on today!

Rest in peace you real patriots!