Friday, June 6, 2008

What will Liu do?

We don’t know yet what his plans are for 2009, but we do know he is ready to leave the City Council.

“In all honesty, eight years is all I can take at the City Council,” said Councilmember John Liu at a Citizens Union, the sister organization to Gotham Gazette’s publisher, breakfast brief this morning.

Does that mean the Flushing representative is eyeing bigger and better offices? Most would agree, he certainly is. Which one? Who knows.

Next Steps for Liu?


Anonymous said...

Liu poses a substantial threat with his voracious appetite to remain within the NYC city political palace. Maybe he's even aspiring someday to graduate beyond and up to the national level.
Though he'll be strictly a
"front man" for the "bigger interests"(perhaps from abroad).

It's been pointed out many times before that he's related to that infamous Taiwanese convicted felon developer Tommy Huang on Alice Huang's(Tommy's wife) side of the family.

And that's one proven rotten bunch!

It was clear that Liu was only interested in using his city council post as a primary stepping stone to a much bigger step high above somewhere.

From the very beginning Liu
expressed nothing but contempt
for the council.

He refused to attend his city council orientation classes (now that wasn't an anti Asian reference) stating the job "wasn't exactly rocket science".

But this egotist didn't think he needed to be briefed as all other fledgling council members were before him.

Now he tops it off with"...
eight years is all I can take...."!

Well, the same goes for your constituents Johnny boy!

Eight years of you have been too many for us "Mr. Show Business"
(his unspoken nick-name within the Asian community).

You've been too busy grabbing photo ops all over town while accomplishing nothing significant within your own district!

And what does our diminutive
Tommy Huang cousin have in mind?

Probably Bill Thompson's job.
After all Liu is a financial actuary.

Just follow the source of the money that flowed into Liu's million dollar plus campaign war chest.

is it possibly dirty money...
perhaps raised by foreign nationals and passed under the table after being carefully laundered to meet
the Board of Election's campaign contribution requirements?

Money raised overseas by foreign nationals (maybe from Taiwan as it was suggested Donald Manes had done)is illegal!

Keep an eye on this yard bird
(and that Stavisky mob who supported Liu from the get-go)!

Do you trust him to hold our municipal purse?

Anonymous said...

"Do you trust him to hold our municipal purse?"

Definitely not. He has always come across as a crooked bastard.

Could you please explain the Stavisky link?

neversleep said...

Uh, the Parkside Group, natch.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how you criticize a politician for wanting publicity. Even Avella, the golden boy of this site always seems to have no problem jumping in friont of a camera. When are you going to accuse Avella of having Mob ties?

Anonymous said...

Avella delivers!

With Liu it's strictly self serve!

And the word amongst insiders is
that Johnny boy is "tong tied"!

Anonymous said...

Avella was a longtime community minded public servant long before C.M. Liu even graduated from Bronx Science High School.

On at least two beautification days, sponsored by the "Coalition For A Planned Flushing", Liu
(who claimed he loved this town) just strolled by and watched all of us volunteers bent over planting flowers in the tree wells.

Did he offer to plant one Petunia?

Nah...he'd rather dirty his hands later on in the game, when he entered clubhouse politics!

We had hundreds of volunteers
on those two beautification day occasions....
from Home Depot, a local Buddhist society, many neighborhood organizations, Macedonia AME Church,Crown Waste etc.just to name a few.

They accomplished the additional back-breaking work of graffiti removal and trash disposal.

A photo record is on file at the Jamaica branch of the Queens Public Library.

Go and see if you can spot John Liu in any of these pictures!

Alan said...

I live in Liu's council district...but in the part that is north of Northern Boulevard. It is easier to find Waldo than our illustrious Councilman John Liu here. As a matter of fact, Councilman Avella's office handles my neighbor's and my concerns because we got tired of the lack of attention to our phone calls from our CM and his office staff.

The proliferation of apartment building construction is going to choke this community and should have been addressed a long time ago. Liu complains about the lack of school seats from one side of his mouth but has no problem supporting developers that have made a shambles of a community whose interests he is supposed to represent. At least Avella speaks out on such issues and shows caring and compassion. I have even seen him in other communities outside of his district tackling overdevelopment issues. John Liu is a sham but his legacy is not known outside of Queens. Spread the word!!!

Anonymous said...

For another view of Avella, see

Anonymous said...

Now it looks like "Parkside" is posting once again.
After all, C.M. Liu pays them handsomely for that service.

Doesn't that Stavisky stooge Evan have anyplace better to park his fat gang-banged ass?

Then again, we're honored by "Parkside's" scoping of Q.C.

It attests to our effectiveness
if we're rattling the cages of
that crooked crew!

Hello out there, you boys and girls.